Hairstyle is one major aspect that men find attractive in a woman. Next to your face it is your hair that will pull his eyes towards it. So give a little more care in choosing your hairstyle when you are planning to draw a man’s attention.

Hair Styles that Attract Men

Length of Your Hair

The Best Hairstyles To Seduce Him

Normally men are attracted towards long hair as it is a sign of feminine nature. A hair which is below shoulder length would suit any girl and can be made into good hairstyles. But hey, don’t worry if you have a short hair! You can find hairstyles that will suit you too.

Straight Hair and Curls

It is said that men love soft and straight hair, which is healthy and shining. So wearing a straight hairstyle has every chance of making him notice you. That will also make you look more elegant and charming. While having a wavy hair from the middle to the tips would make you seem hot and playful. If you are a girl with smaller and innocent face, curly hairstyles will suit you so much.

Medium Hair

The Best Hairstyles To Seduce Him

If you have a slightly wavy hair, this hairstyle would probably be the best for you. Comb your hair backwards. Then take a little tuft of hair from one side and gently clip it with a small hairpin or a hairclip. (Use clips with more girlish designs like flowery designs or butterflies) Let your hair flow through your shoulders and of course let them fall at the front too.

The Long and Loose Hair Style

This hairstyle will look great if you have a lengthy hair. Make a crease at one side and leave it loose. Allow a long fringe in the front and sweep it sideways, but keep it bouncing a little bit. This gives a nice shaky effect when you casually move your head. You would have to adjust the hair falling on your eyes every now and then, but that makes it the attractive part.

Pony Tail

The Best Hairstyles To Seduce Him

This is a simple yet a good looking hairstyle. Don’t make it at the bottom of your mane as that won’t look too feminine. Raise your hair to a 45 degree angle between your neck and the centre of your head.

Use a relatively thicker band to tie it up. Leave a few straight bangs at one side of your face. See to that your pony tail comes front towards your face if you turn faster. That will be the correct length to this type of hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles

Even if you have gone for a short hair cut, you can still make good looking hairstyles. A haircut with stepped cuts from the top of your crown is one good style. A short and raised pig tail looks good on round faces. Part your hair making a side crease Wear a hair band across the crown while leaving the front hair little raised with a bushy effect.

A common tip for a seducing hairstyle is to let your hair come front and cover most of your forehead. See to that your hairstyle looks at its best when you look downwards and when you give him a side glance. And you would have made it!

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