The 5 Amazing Eye Makeup Looks You Can Create in 5 Minutes

Applying makeup seems like a tough task! Do you feel helpless when you are applying eye makeup? Do you want to get the perfect eyes in just a matter of 5 minutes? Well, we are here for you. We will make your life easier today by telling you about the 5 Amazing Eye Makeup Looks You can Create in Just 5 minutes. Eye makeup can completely change your look and so, you should try the below mentioned eye makeup looks. Take a look!

Here are the 5 Amazing Eye Makeup Looks You Can Create in 5 Minutes:

1. Cat Eye

Cat eyes is a very classy look and it does not require too much of hard work. All you need is a good felt tip liner to make the cat eye. A felt tip liner is the best as it does not smudge once you step out in heat. Start to make a thin curve on your eyelids using a felt tip liner. Make it darker by making another curve on the thin curve. Voila! This look is perfect for a day out with your girlfriends or just a movie date.

Cat Eye

2. Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes have been a favorite among girls. Getting smokey eyes is not a tough task. You could use a basic eyeliner or a felt tip liner to get the kind of curve you need on your eyelids. Use a darker shade along with a lighter shade to get the smokey look. You could go for the bronze smokey eye look. It looks so sultry!

Smokey Eye

3. Purple And Olive Eye

Purple and olive eyes are so simple and classy. It feels like Cinderella has stepped out of the story book. Start by applying a good base on your face. Then use olive color eye shadow and smudge it on entire entire eye lid. Now use purple eye shadow and apply it on lower eyelid where your eye lashes are. Use a black pencil liner to brighten your eyes. Your purple and olive eyes are good to go out and get compliments!

Purple And Olive Eye

4. Mint Eyes

We feel that there is something really attractive about mint eye shadow. The mint eye shadow looks really different and you get a very soft look to your face. This is good for a party or even a date. You can start by applying base to your face then apply mint eye shadow to your eye lids. Use a liner to apply on your eye lid. You can skip the eye liner and go with basic mint eyes. Try mint and purple together. It looks great!

Mint Eyes

5. Bold Blue Eyes

Are you a bold girl who can carry off any look? How about getting bold blue eyes? This look is perfect for clubbing scenes or a wedding. You can get this look easily by applying a bright blue eye shadow to your eye lids and use a hint of silver too. Brighten up your eyes by using felt tip liner to make a curve on your eye lids. Wear a pop pink lipstick with it. You will be like Barbie in the real world!

Bold Blue Eyes

So, you do know that getting the right eye makeup is easy. You can get the perfect eyes in 5 minutes. Make sure you invest in a good liner and also, a good base is necessary. Use the right concealer, face powder or compact powder. Your eye makeup can define you in various ways. So, get the look in 5 minutes.