Tattoo Behind The Ear Tips For Women

Tattoo Behind The EarTattoo- getting a tattoo can be a very boldmove. How so? Well, there are two major reasons why getting a tattoo is stereotyped to bold and brave people.

1. It is permanent. So, if you don’t like it, you have got no other way than to live with it throughout your life.

2. It is painful. I know people who have sat in the chair and have ran out by just looking at the needle. It not only pains while getting tattooed but also the pain stays for a long time after it is done. It takes a while to heal, so again the healing time is a bit painful.

In spite of the above reasons tattoo has emerged to be a very popular fashion statement among the youth today. Today’s youth have definitely proved to be brave and bold at least in this aspect.

Women And Tattoo

Now, this is a beautiful combination. When it comes to men tattoos portrait more of a macho look, but with women tattoos can portrait a tom boy look, a tough girl look or even a calm and elegant look. Now, for first timers (especially women) finding an appropriate place to ink can be a difficult decision.


Well, don’t worry! I have a perfect place for you first timers – behind the ear. This is the best place because you can hide it whenever you want and expose it only when you want to expose it (but, of course this is applicable only when one has decent length of hair).

Tips And Suggestions

If you love the idea of a tattoo behind your ear, just go with it and don’t think twice. Yes! It is painful, but it is also super cool, right?


– Well, I have got a few common tattoo tips.

– Do not move when being inked.


– Apply sunscreen on the tattoo while stepping out in the sun. This saves the tattoo from fading.

– Be aware of infections, so immense care is definitely required till the tattooed part is perfectly healed.

Suggestions For Tattoos Behind The Ear

I came across a few tattoos behind the ear that for sure were eye catching and totally creative.

A Name

Well, I strongly advice against inking your special person’s name as the relationship may not last forever but the tattoo does.

name Tattoo

So, I would suggest your own name in a pretty, funky or gothic font. This shows how confident you are and also projects the self respect and admiration you have for yourself. Let’s face it one needs to learn to love oneself to enjoy life.

A Butterfly, Bee Or Anything With Wings (this Also Includes Angels And Demons)

One tattoo that I was perplexed by in a awesome way was a demon whispering a secret and the only appropriate place to ink that tattoo is behind a ear. So, have a demon whisper something behind one ear and an angel do the same behind another.


I think a series of stars in a curve, a simple flower (your favorite flower), and your favorite cartoon character are all good ones to sit behind the ear.

Nothing satisfies you? Well, let your imagination do the work. After all, a tattoo is a representation of who you are, so put in your thoughts and go with the gut feeling.