Symptoms Of Cysts On Ovaries

Cysts On Ovaries Cyst on the ovaries is a common reproductive disorder among women. There are various affects of this ovarian disorder on the woman’s ability to reproduce and conceive. Medically, cyst on ovaries is termed as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. It may vary in nature and severity for different women.

There are various causes that lead to formation of cyst on ovaries like irregular menstrual cycle, obesity, improper food habits, medications and birth control pills. For some it may also be a genetic factor that runs in the family. Though undetectable unless one is attempting to have a child and is unsuccessful for a long time, in which case medical tests are run, here are some symptoms if the case is severe.

Symptoms Of Ovarian Cysts

Pelvic Pain

Pain in the abdominal area due to ovarian cyst can be a continuous light pain throughout the time, or sharp pain which is sudden and that goes away in a small while. Usually for minor cyst, these symptoms are not seen.

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However, if the cyst is very large or is split, such symptoms are seen. One may also experience pain during sexual intercourse.

Loss Of Appetite

Full when eating very little or total averseness to food items is seen for women having ovarian cyst. Indigestion or the feeling of bloating are all symptoms of loss of appetite. The best way to get rid of it is to have what you like and in small quantities. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water to keep the system active.


Inability to empty the bowel properly is a common symptom. Indigestion of food is the first early symptom of ovarian cyst.


One may also feel that the pelvis is heavy all the time and standing for a long time causes heaviness and pain in the lower abdomen.

Menstrual Problems

Heavy or light bleeding, early or late periods or periods as late as up to 60 days is primarily due to ovarian cyst. The normal menstrual cycle being disturbed, it becomes difficult for one to calculate the ovulation period when attempting to get pregnant. This is due to the hormonal changes in the body and can be controlled through birth control pills.

Weight Gain

Changes in diet, sleep imbalances, and primarily menstrual problems can be the cause of weight gain. There are also chances that once medication of treatment of the cyst starts, weight is put-on on the pelvic or bust areas or the abdomen depending on the tendency.

weight gain

It is necessary to keep a weight check and adopt healthy eating and lifestyle to prevent irreversible weight gain.


General feeling of un-wellness, dullness, minor and long lasting headaches, dizziness and the sleepy feeling throughout the day are symptoms of fatigue caused by the ovarian cyst. This again can be traced back to improper diet and the side effects of medication and thus should be temporary. However, it is advisable that if it continues after a long time of medication, it should be brought to the notice of a medical supervisor.

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