Surprisingly Easy Way To Remove Moles Naturally With Tea Tree Oil

Naturally With Tea Tree Oil

Moles are harmless growths on the skin. Although it is normal for any adult woman to have around 40 moles on different areas of the skin, but nobody likes to see her skin dotted with unsightly moles. Hence, when moles are a beauty concern you will look for ways to get rid of them.

Moles are usually removed by dermatologists with the help of laser, surgery and cauterization. However, these mole removal treatments are quite expensive. Fortunately, moles can also be banished with the help of natural remedies. Tea tree oil is one such remedy that is not only effective but is also safe. This inexpensive remedy helps in eliminating the mole without leaving a scar on the skin.

How To Remove Mole With Tea Tree Oil

Remove Mole with Tea Tree Oil

With the help of a cotton swab apply a small amount of undiluted tea tree oil on the mole. Make sure that the swab does not touch the surrounding skin as the undiluted oil may irritate the healthy skin. Apply tea tree oil thrice daily on the mole until it falls off. If irritation occurs, immediately stop the treatment.

How Tea Tree Oil Works

How Tea Tree Oil Works

Tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. When undiluted tea tree oil is applied on the mole, it reacts with the benign growth and destroys the melanin producing cells that have grown in clusters. With regular use, the mole will shrink and eventually fall off.

How Effective Is The Treatment


Removing moles with tea tree oil is a pretty effective treatment. However, do not expect result overnight. The duration of the treatment depends upon the size of the mole. With continuous use according to instruction it usually takes about two weeks to notice any change. It may take a few weeks for the mole to vanish completely. This natural procedure for mole removal works best for flat moles. It may take longer to heal moles that are large and raised.

Advantages Of Using Tea Tree Oil

The key benefit of using tea tree oil for removing mole is the low cost of the treatment. You only need a bottle of good quality tea tree oil and cotton swabs. As tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic there is no risk of infection during or after the treatment. Moreover, it does not leave a scar on the skin after the mole falls off.


This treatment is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. After the mole falls off, to eliminate risk of sun damage, apply a sunscreen cream or lotion on the treated area at least for 6 weeks.