Stimulate Hair Growth With Acupuncture Therapy

Dr. Stuart Mauro, who has over 30 years of experience in acupuncture believes that it can not only stimulate hair growth but also treat hair loss problems like alopecia as well. Insertion of tiny needles at different body points is the basic theory behind acupuncture, a more than five thousand year old practice. Also, surprisingly, this is not only a traditional Chinese practice. Eskimos, Arabs and even the Bantu tribe of South Africa have been known to use it.

The theory of acupuncture believes that such pricks release life energy, or qi. This flows along fourteen paths inside our body. There are approximately two thousand such acupuncture points. If properly done, this therapy improves the blood circulation within our body thereby makes us healthier.

Acupuncture And Hair Growth

Acupuncture On Our Body

Like most of our other body parts, in order to keep our hair healthy there needs to be proper blood circulation through it together with what is known as “qi” (the life force energy). For this we need to keep out kidneys healthy. Acupuncture helps to strengthen our kidneys thereby promoting hair growth and keeping it healthier. Acupuncture practitioners believe that the health of our hair follicles is directly linked to the amount of toxins in our body. These needles pricks at the right body points help to get rid of such toxins, thereby nourishing the hair.

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Acupuncture On The Scalp

Chinese medicine believes that such acupuncture on the scalp helps to draw the “qi” back into the body thereby restoring the vitality of the hair follicles.  Without this, the energy usually tends to escape from our heads thereby causing the follicles to expand and lose their grip. Scientifically, this theory, however, is still unfounded. Despite this, some even directly apply the acupuncture needles to their scalp to increase the hair growth. For this, the acupuncturist taps small needles with what is known as a “seven star hammer” into the scalp thus stimulating the blood circulation through it. Recently what is called the “plum blossom hammer” is also being used for the process.

This is a hammer with many needles protruding from it. Pressing the hammer on the scalp helps many needles to simultaneously prick the epidermis and the dermis thereby increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. Together with this, often certain Chinese herbs are also suggested as supplement s (for example, astragalus.) A more scientific explanation of this could be the fact that when the needles are correctly inserted they stimulate our central nervous system. This, in turn, releases neurotransmitters and hormones which help to reduce the pain and strengthen the weak body organs (including the hair).

However, not many of us would easily be able to take the needle pricks on your heads. In that case, it is base to visit a hair loss specialist and get treated by more proven and less painful methods of hair loos and re-growth treatments. In any case, although it has been proved that acupuncture does improve the blood circulation; whether it actually cause hair growth is still under debate.