6 Excellent Home Remedies For Ulcers

Home Remedies For Ulcers

Ulcer is a type of sore on the surface of a tissue. The most common ulcer is peptic ulcer. Ulcer can be caused due to various reasons – bacteria attack, a long gap between two meals, eating too much spicy food, alcoholism and many more things. Ulcer cannot grow all on a sudden and in one day. It takes a long time to grow. It is the fall out of long time torture on your body.

Symptoms of ulcers are stomach ache, heartburn, vomiting tendency, lack of appetite and in acute cases bleeding with stool or in the time of vomiting. if you do not take care of your ulcer quickly it may turn fatal. Old sore may turn to cancer. So, cure your home remedies as early as possible. There are some effective home remedies of ulcer which cure even old ulcer effectively. This article will give you a few tips on that matter.

Home Remedies For Ulcers

Cabbage Juice For Amino Acids

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice is very effective to cure ulcer. Raw cabbage juice contains amino acid which enhances the blood flow on stomach lining and heals the ulcer. Enhanced blood supply strengthens the lining of stomach and cures ulcer.

Grate cabbage and extract the juice. Drink it twice or thrice daily to cure ulcer quickly. You can also boil some cabbage leaves in water and strain he water. Drink this mineral rich water (cabbage contains minerals) and cure your ulcer.

Chilled Milk To Cure Sore

Chilled Milk

Take a glass of chilled milk and drink it at empty stomach in the morning. It helps to heal the sore that has been made on stomach lining. It also reduces the stomach pain caused by ulcer.

Yogurt For Vitamin C


Yogurt is excellent for ulcer. It supplies a great amount of vitamin C to your stomach. But do not eat thick yogurt. Fist make it light adding good amount of water in it. Take a glass of cold water and mix 2 tablespoons yogurt in it.

Stir well to mix it properly. Drink this light and cold yogurt especially after taking your major meal. It also help you to digest your food properly and saves you from acidity (acidity aggravates the problem of ulcer).

Carrot Juice For Vitamin A

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is also excellent for ulcer. Carrot is a good source of vitamin A. Grate carrot and extract the juice. Drink ½ cup carrot juice each time and practice this method twice or thrice daily. With carrot juice you can also mix some cold milk.

Green Banana For Starch And Iron

Green Banana

Boiled green banana or plantain is beneficial for ulcer rich people. It supplies a great amount of starch and adequate amount of iron to your stomach lining. These two products make your stomach healthy and cures ulcer. Moreover, it helps to drive bad bacteria that can cause anything including ulcer.

Wood Apple To Sooth Stomach Lining

Wood Apple

Wood apple is an excellent home remedy for ulcer. Break one wood apple and remove the kernel. Mash it and add water to make it a smooth paste. Eat this wood apple paste in your breakfast every day. Wood apple helps to cure your ulcer effectively.

Follow these home remedies along with a proper diet habit. Stay away from spicy and oily food, alcohol and smoking. In spite of that if the problem aggravates then consult a physician quickly before the problem gets out of hand.