Six Excellent Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

healthy hair Everyone dreams of healthy hair because it makes them beautiful and younger looking. But, people have a wrong notion that you must visit a parlor and spend a bunch of money there to get healthy hair. Moreover, people thought that you have to use expensive hair cosmetics to get the healthy hair.

But it is not at all true. You can get healthy hair of your own with your home products. This article will give you some information on home remedies for healthy hair.

Healthy Hair Home Remedies

Mayonnaise And Strawberries

Mayonnaise is one of the excellent home products for your hair. Take home made mayonnaise in a bowl according to the length of your hair. Now grind 4-5 strawberries to paste.


Add this strawberry paste in the bowl and mix it properly. Apply this on your hair and scalp. Make your hair part for the good application of this pack. Regular use of this pack enhances the luster of your hair.

Egg And Almond Oil

Egg is an easily find article at home. Break one egg and beat it properly. Add few drops of almond oil in it. Mix properly and apply it all over your hair. Weekly egg and almond oil treatment gives your dull and frizzy hair a healthy look. Egg supplies your hair protein, fat and minerals whereas almond oil is a good source of vitamin E. Use this pack at least once in a week to get a healthy look on your hair.


Banana is a very common fruit in every household. It is a versatile fruit which contains nutrients like vitamins A, B, C and E along with minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese.

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Method of using banana on your hair is very easy. Regular use of banana on your hair helps to soften your hair, protects the natural elasticity of the hair and prevents breakage and split ends.

Yogurt, Fenugreek, Chickpea And Honey

Yogurt is excellent product for hair. It enhances the shine of the hair, hydrates it and supplies enough nutrients to your hair. Take a cup of yogurt. Add 1 teaspoon chickpea powder, 1 teaspoon fenugreek powder and a teaspoon honey in it. Mix well and apply it all over your hair.

Apply it twice or thrice in a week. Chickpea powder cleanses your hair naturally, honey moisturizes it and antibacterial property of fenugreek both prevents and cures dandruff and other types of scalp and hair infection.

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Carrot And Lemon Juice

Grate carrot and extract the juice. Take a cup of carrot juice and add a tablespoon of lemon juice in it. Mix well and massage it on your hair and scalp.

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Let it dry and then wash it with plenty of plain water. This mixture of juices improves the health of your hair supplying adequate vitamin A and C.

Oil Massage

To improve the health of your hair, perhaps oil massage has no alternate. Massage increases the blood circulation in your scalp and it supplies enough nutrients to your hair. Any oil – coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, etc. are good for hair. Massage them on your scalp in a circular movement to get the benefit.

These are some home remedies that improve the health of your hair. But, mere application of these home products is not all. To get the maximum benefit you have to follow a healthy diet, to do some exercise daily and to maintain hygiene. Follow these home remedies according to the tips and soon get a good volume of healthy hair.