Simple Tips For Treating Red Eyes

Tips For Treating Red Eyes Many of us have experienced red and painful eyes, which can be quite physically and psychologically distressing. In many cases, red eyes are accompanied by other symptoms that include itching, swelling, blurry vision or discharge from the eyes.

While bloodshot eyes can occur suddenly or may develop as a result of any allergy, it is important to treat them rightly. Eyes are the most vital human organs and therefore, if you are experiencing red eyes, opt for the following remedies as soon as possible.

Home Based Treatment For Red Eyes

Use Eye Drops, But Be Cautious

Using eye drop solutions is probably the most popular method for treating red eyes. These solutions are quite effective, but you should use them as instructed.

Use Eye Drops

This is because if you use them too often, chances are high that you may develop a condition named’ Rebound Hyperemia’. So, use eye solutions only as instructed.

Clean Your Lenses Regularly

Wearing dirty lenses is another major factor that causes red, itchy eyes. If you don’t clean your lenses regularly, microbes accumulate on them. While wearing your lenses, these microbes come in direct contact with your eyes, thus causing irritation and swollenness. Also, if you are using annual lenses, it is important to replace them when necessary. Remember that using expired lenses can also irritate your eyes, thus causing redness and making it swollen.

Consider Home Remedies

You may not be aware of this, but fact is that home remedies can be an excellent way of treating red eyes naturally. If you are experiencing mild to moderate red eyes, washing them frequently with cold water can be a good idea.

Removing The Cotton Balls

Alternatively, you can dip two small cotton balls in cold milk and place them on closed eyes. Relax for at least fifteen minutes and afterwards, wash your face.

Avoid Staring At The Computer For Long

Many people who do desk jobs complain that they often experience red eyes with blurry vision. Well, this happens because when you look at the computer screen for several hours at stretch, you blink less, thus making outer surface of the eyes dry. This in turn causes redness, itching and other symptoms as stated earlier.

The best strategy for reducing computer vision syndrome would be taking regular breaks, while working on it. You can also use lubricating eye drops for maintaining the moisture in your eyes and reducing risks of developing an eye infection.

Check Your Diet

Occasionally, you may experience red eyes if your diet is lacking in vitamin B. If you fail to understand the factors that are causing red eyes, checking your diet would be a good idea. For getting sufficient vitamin B, include eggs, fish, lean meat, leafy vegetables and nuts in your eating plan.

Healthy Diet for hair

It is important to remember that if you are still experiencing red eyes, despite implementing these techniques, it is better to get in touch with a doctor. While red eyes are fairly common, sometimes they can be life-threatening, causing blindness and other vision-related problems. So, do not neglect red eyes if they persist over a long time.