Simple Solutions To Lighten Upper Lip Area

Simple Solutions To Lighten Upper Lip Area

An even and fair skin tone is the dream of most women, however only a few are lucky enough to actually have an even skin color free of any dark patches and pigmentation. Upper lip darkening can occur due to several reasons like prolonged exposure to sunlight, over use of cosmetics, unhealthy eating, excessive use of lip color and smoking. Usually majority of people end up using artificial cosmetics and harsh creams to lighten their upper lip complexion which can lead to further damage.

We bring you a few natural and easy tips on lightening dark patches on your upper lip area and even preventing them.

How To Lighten Lighten Upper Lip Area

1. Homemade Pack For Upper Lip Lightening

Though there are a variety of pigmentation reducing creams and lotions available in the market, they are hardly effective at reducing the dark area around lips.

You can prepare a simple homemade pack by mixing 1 tbsp of turmeric powder, 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder and 3 tbsp of rose water into an even paste. Now apply this paste around your upper lips for approximately 30 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water.

Homemade Pack For Upper Lip Lightening

2. Lime Juice

Add half tbsp of honey to one tbsp of fresh lime juice and apply the mixture over the lip area evenly. Let the pack remain for around 30 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Repeat the pack for at least 4 days to lighten upper lip color. Lemon is well known for its skin-lightening abilities and can do wonders to your skin.

 Lime Juice

3. Get Rid Of Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits and a poor lifestyle are the major contributors of skin darkening. Avoid smoking, consumption of birth control pills, excessive consumption of tea and coffee, intake of alcohol and tobacco to reduce skin darkening around lips.

Get Rid Of Unhealthy Habits

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4. Hydroquinone Cream For Upper Lip Lightening

2-percent hydroquinone cream is the solution if you have rigid pigmentation on your upper lips. The cream works by decreasing the number of melanin pigment granules present under the skin which is responsible for skin darkening.

However, be careful as prolonged use of hydroquinone can lead to skin irritation around the lip area and in some cases permanent de-pigmentation.

Hydroquinone Cream For Upper Lip Lightening

5. Cilantro Juice

Cilantro is known to be effective at reducing skin pigmentation. Blend half cup of cilantro and little water for 2 minutes in a blender and strain the mixture with a sieve. Store the fine juice in a glass container.

Apply this juice over your upper lip area with the help of a cotton ball before going to bed daily. You will surely find a remarkable change within 15 days of usage.

Cilantro Juice