7 Simple Makeup Tips For Under Eye Wrinkles

Simple Makeup Tips For Under Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles under your eyes are not only due to the age factor; but there are several other causes that can lead to the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes such as stress, pollution, exposure to harsh climatic conditions, unhealthy diet, consumption of alcohol or smoking.

Although, under eye wrinkles cannot be covered or hidden completely; make up can surely reduce their visibility. Here are some of the makeup tips to cover under eye wrinkles to give you a smoother and younger look.

How to Hide Under Eye Wrinkles with Makeup

1. Keep The Makeup Light

Thick makeup will crack and make your under eye wrinkles appear darker, deeper and more pronounced. Keep the makeup light to cover the wrinkles under the eyes. Light makeup will cover the problem area; whereas layers of make-up will grab more eyeballs, attracting the attention towards the wrinkles around your eyes.

Keep The Makeup Light

2. Pick Up The Right Foundation

If you aim to camouflage the signs of aging or stress with makeup, make sure you pick up the right foundation, which matches your skin tone. A lighter shade will highlight the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. You can also opt for a shade darker than your actual skin tone for a better coverage. A tinted moisturizer is also a good option to get a smooth dewy finish with complete coverage. Tinted moisturiser will not get gathered into the creases and you will get a fresh, youthful look.

Pick Up The Right Foundation

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3. Keep the Application of Powder Light 

Too much of powder can accentuate your under eye wrinkles instead of covering them. Powder will settle down on the wrinkles to make them more visible. Use brush, instead of powder foam for a light and even distribution of powder, just to lock the foundation.

Keep the Application of Powder Light

4. Cream Concealer

Stick to cream concealer and moisturize the under eye area well, before application of makeup. Reflecting concealer pen or concealer with white or yellow base is the best and most effective cosmetic to cover the wrinkles under your eyes. Don’t rub the under eye area as it is the most sensitive part of your face. Just dab it gently for even application of concealer to cover the wrinkles.

Cream Concealer

5. Avoid Shimmery Eye Makeup

Shimmery eye makeup is in-vogue and looks glamorous; but if you have fine lines or wrinkles under eyes, avoid shimmers and opt for matte shades to camouflage them. Also, shimmer on cheekbones can attract attention to the problem area. Keep your cheekbones subtle and light to avoid unnecessary glances directed towards the imperfection on your face.

Avoid Shimmery Eye Makeup

6. Apply Powder Eyeshadow

Contrary to the concealer, powder eye shadow is better, if you intend to hide the wrinkles under your eyes. Cream eyeshadow will form creases to make your eyes look tired and invariably attract more attention to the signs of aging.

Apply Powder Eyeshadow

7. Shift Focus To Eyes

The smart way to cover the wrinkles under your eyes is by shifting the focus to your beautiful eyes. Use darkest black eyeliner to highlight your eyes, to make it the centre point and divert the attention from wrinkles.

Shift Focus To Eyes

Also, curl and apply mascara for long lashes. However, don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes for a wide eye effect. You can also highlight the outer corners of the eyes to shift focus to your lovely eyes. When your eyes will be talking, no one will notice the lines under your eyes.