Simple Home Remedies For Fever

Home Remedies For Fever Every human being at sometime or the other gets fever also called as a viral infection. A fever is nothing but a condition in which the temperature of the body rises beyond the normal range of 36.5-37.5°C or 97.7-99.5 °F. As a result of an increase in temperature a person may feel cold and several other symptoms like head ache, nausea and general tiredness could be observed in the person.

A fever can be one of the main symptoms of any general infection or even of  a disease.  If a person feels feverish, a device called a thermometer is used to check the person’s body temperature. You or someone else on your behalf could help in reading the temperature by the presence of something called a mercury in the thermometer. The more the mercury rises the greater is the temperature. Fevers could be of different kinds ranging from continuous, frequent to temporary types.

If the fever is of a serious type where the body temperature is very high, it is best advised to rush to a nearby doctor immediately. Based on the situation the doctor may prescribe some medicines and antibiotics to boost the immune system.  Care should be taken that the condition should not be neglected as it could even go to the brain and in most serious cases could lead to the death of a person. But if the fever is of the mild types it can be taken care of  with the help of a few easy home remedies.

Home Remedies To Bring Down The Fever

Use Of Blankets/ Sheet

At times a person could shiver to a great extent as a result of the viral. In that situation people tend to cover themselves up with as many blankets as possible so that they don’t feel cold. But many people assume that by doing so their condition will become better.

Use Of Blankets

But that may not be the case and covering up with too many blankets could cause the temperature to only increase, thereby making the person’s condition worse. It would be better to use a single sheet or a light blanket.

Dab Water

If your child or a person in your family is running temperature you can dip a small piece of cloth into some tap water and place it on the person’s forehead for a few minutes, remove it, squeeze out the water and repeat it again. This is a method followed by our elders as well and is surely a great way to bring down the body temperature at the earliest.


During a fever, it would be advisable to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits but to the extent of trying to avoid fried food. By eating some  foods we may be encouraging certain bacteria and viruses to flourish thereby worsening the situation.

Magical Fever Tea

Ginger Tea

Mix 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar, ½ teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 cups of warm water along with ½ teaspoon of honey. Try having this tea at least 4-6 times a day. You will surely feel relaxed and refreshed.

Apple Water

To make apple water all you need is 2 peeled apples, washed and cleaned thoroughly. Then cut them into pieces and put in a vessel containing around 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil for around 20 minutes. Then let the mixture cool down, strain it and pour into a glass.

It could taste better if you add a spoon of honey to it. This juice will surely keep your body hydrated especially during a fever when you may not like to eat  or drink anything.

Spicy Tea

A strong cup of tea using some of the spices from your kitchen could surely help in keeping your fever at bay. Mix 1 teaspoon of basil with a few  black pepper corns. Pour some water into a vessel, add the mentioned spices and bring to a boil. Strain and put into a cup. Add a teaspoon of honey to make it a little sweet. Having this twice a day will make you energetic and make your mild body temperature vanish quickly.


Lettuce is an excellent green leafy vegetable which can make your condition better. Wash and clean the lettuce leaves. Now put the leaves into a vessel containing some water. Let it boil for a few minutes and pour only the water into a glass and drink. You can add a spoon of sugar or honey to make it sweet.


This solution will calm your nerves and will help you get a good, sound sleep. These easy  home remedies can be tried whenever someone is down with a slight fever.  But one should ensure to take enough care of oneself along with taking good rest  when having fever. Any form of stress be it work related or any other should be avoided or the condition could aggravate.