Signs That He Wants To Marry You

Signs That He Wants To Marry You Relationships can be really complicated and unpredictable in nature. It becomes very difficult to understand the state of mind where your partner is concerned. Just the way women are complicated in their thinking so are men.

However, if you observe closely you can actually see some signs that men give where the relationship seriousness is concerned. The best part is that these signs are common to all breed of men.

One of the significant questions that women think of when in a steady relationship is marriage and commitment. Not every woman has the guts to take the front seat and propose the special ones in their lives. For those who want their guy to make the first move needs to see whether they are actually willing to settle down or not.

There are some ways in which you can judge what your man is thinking about the future and whether he wants to marry you or not. Here is a basic and simple relationship guide to help you get answers to your queries.

Some Ways To Know Whether Your Guy Wants To Settle Down With You

If He Pampers You

In case you are given surprises every now and then and are made to be felt special by him, then you can consider that he is really serious about you.

Signs That He Wants To Marry You

When he goes ahead and takes extra care for you, it is a clear sign that he wants to spend a lifetime in your company. Also, you will notice that he will do anything to fulfill all his promises that he has made to you in the past.

If He Uses “We” More than “I”

Using plural forms to refer the relationship means that you hold a good level of importance in his life and that he sees you as a part of himself and nothing different. This is one clear sign that you should look for when you want to know whether he wants to marry you or not.

He Makes You Meet His Family

If your guy is looking forward to introduce you to his immediate family members then it clearly states that he is planning to propose for marriage. He wants to build up that connection between all the special people in his life.

Signs That He Wants To Marry You

Nothing can make it more specific that marriage is definitely on cards from his side.

He Talks About Marriage

If he is the one taking the first step towards talking about the marriage issue even if it’s in an indirect manner then definitely he is interested in marrying you. Men do not believe in bringing about topics out of the blue which makes no sense or has no aim to fulfill.

He Likes Talking About Or Playing With Kids

This is one topic that men try to completely avoid if they aren’t looking towards settling down and having kids of their own.

If he adores you when you play with kids or he himself talks about them or likes interacting with them, it means that he has imaginations of his future kids with you. These are some of the topmost signs you can look for to decide whether he is wanting to marry you.