Seven Effective Home Remedies For Painful Periods

Home Remedies For Painful Periods Painful menstruation or Dysmenorrhea is the leading cause of women getting off from their important commitments, whether professionally or at personal fronts. In women with dysmenorrhea, the uterine contractions are severely painful through every menstrual cycle. Pain is localized mainly at the lower abdomen, lower back or down the thighs, extending to the legs.

This may also be accompanied by dizziness, headache, constipation or diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. The pain may begin 24 hours before menses and lasts for 48 hours after beginning of menses. In certain women, it may last longer for 72 hours.

Women tend to fall prey to NSAIDs to get relieve from this drastic pain every month and thus suffer from their side effects, on repeated usage. Better option is to make use of natural solutions to get relieve from the painful periods and get saved from harmful effects of drug usage.

Home Remedies For Painful Periods

Basil Or Thyme Leaves

Both basil and thyme are rich in caffeic acid that imparts painkilling or analgesic effects, thereby lowering extreme pain, during menstruation.

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Make use of two tablespoons of thyme or basil leaves in one pint of boiling water and let it steep. Drink half a cup of this tea every hour, to get relief from painful periods.


Cinnamon is enriched with anti spasmodic and anti inflammatory properties that helps to relieve menstrual cramps. Use it in a tea or sprinkle over sweet rolls or toast. Drinking cinnamon tea a day, before the period or during the painful periods will keep the extreme pain well within the bearable capacity.


Eating half an onion on daily basis on days nearing the periods will prevent from having extremely painful periods. Chromium constituent of onion helps in maintaining hormonal balance that fluctuates drastically under dysmonorrhea.


Consumption of raw onion need to be encouraged as then chromium content is highest as it gets reduced on cooking.


Ginger is the very commonly used spice as a cramp reliever. Use it in a form of ginger tea and consume three times in a day to keep off the cramping pain away.


Fennel Seeds

Fennel promotes healthy blood circulation to the ovaries, thereby reducing menstrual cramps. Use powdered fennel seeds and steep it in one cup of boiling water. Drink it regularly to get rid of painful cramps.


Asafetida being an anti flatulence, anti spasmodic and anti inflammatory agent is extremely useful in reducing menstrual pains. Use asafetida by frying in a little amount of ghee and consume this nutritious paste three times a day. Alternatively, it can be used in powdered form and mixed with one glass of buttermilk, to reduce the abdominal pain during periods.


Magnesium aids by relaxing the smooth muscles and hence, known to relieve severe menstrual cramps. It has been reported that women experiencing painful periods are mostly deficient in magnesium levels. Consume more of dark green veggies like spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts and peanuts in your regular diet.

Processed Meat

Painful periods are the result of inflammation within the body. Hence, one needs to avoid foods that might increase an inflammatory response. Foods with high glycemic index tend to increase the inflammation by increasing chemicals within the body like PGF2. Avoid consumption of white bread, rice, cake, meat and potatoes as these are foods with high glycemic index. Instead include more of beetroot, bitter gourd and drumstick in the diet, before and during the menstruation cycle.