Remedy For Breast Pain After Radiation

Breast Pain After Radiation For women suffering from cancer, radiation therapy is usually suggested by doctors. The main purpose of this therapy is to destroy the cancerous cells so as to lower risk of relapse. While radiation therapy is effective in most situations and is a life saving option, truth is that it can have various side effects. One of the most prominent side effects is breast pain.

Experiencing breast pain after radiation treatment is common. What makes the situation more complicated is the fact that breast cancer survivors can’t opt for any treatment blindly for reducing breast pain. Rather, they need to assess carefully the available options and ask for permission from the doctors before implementing these options. If you have undergone a radiation therapy recently and are experiencing breast pain, here are some options you can consider for reducing it.

Breast Pain Remedy After Radiation

Avoid Sunrays As Much as Possible

Experiencing breast pain post radiation therapy is common. However, if you expose yourself to the sun rays regularly, chances are high that the pain will increase. This happens because radiation makes your skin more sensitive and if you go out in the sun, the harsh sun rays will damage it easily.


So, avoid sun rays as much as possible. In case there is any emergency, use a good sunscreen and opt for clothes that do not allow sun rays to damage your skin easily.

Do Not Use Extremely Hot or Cold Water

When it comes to bathing, preferences vary from one person to another. While some prefer to bathe with hot water, others love to use extremely cold water. However, if you have undergone radiation therapy recently, it is better to avoid very hot or cold water. This is because extremely cold or hot water can affect the breast skin and worsen the pain. For best results, opt for only lukewarm water. Also, avoid using ice packs and instead, go for cold compresses for getting relief from pain.

Wear Loose Dresses

Breast pain post radiation can be minimized by wearing loose dresses. Also, avoid wearing a tight bra because it can put unnecessary pressure on the breasts and cause swelling and greater pain. You can consider a bra too tight if you notice skin indentations on your breasts.

Comfortable Nursing Bras

If there are skin indentations, choose an alternative bra. You should also opt for a new bra if you feel that your breasts have increased in size post the radiation treatment.

Choose The Right Creams And Solutions

For reducing breast pain after radiation therapy, you can choose certain recommended products. One of the most popular products is the silver sulfadiazine cream, which heals the affected area and also soothes it. If your doctor permits, you can also use calendula creams that may reduce inflammation and pain that are associated with radiation treatments. Opting for sterile saline solution is a good idea as well.

Consider these strategies for reducing breast pain after radiation treatment. However, consider the fact that your situation is extremely sensitive and so whatever you do, you must ask your doctor’s permission first. Stay safe.