Relation Between Hormones And Menstruation

Hormones And Menstruation There are times when you feel that you are on an emotional roller coaster. You feel so happy some days that you just cannot sustain it and then there are days when you are yapping and snapping at everyone. All of this is related to one thing… Actually two things- Hormones and menstruation. Every week, there is a change in the hormonal balance in the body and this is because of the menstrual cycle.

It is fairly common to experience mood swings and changes of emotions during the monthly cycle. But for some women it can be too drastic, while for others it is a bit mild. Here is an insight on the relation that your hormones and menstruation share-

Hormones And Menstruation Relation

Two Hormones That Matter Most

There are basically two hormones that are drastically affected by the menstrual cycle. These are Estrogen and progesterone. Basically, the estrogen is a feel good or happy hormone, which has been known for stimulating good thoughts, better mood, increased sex drive and also make you feel more sexier and prettier or even feminine.

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Progesterone on the other hand kinds of tranquilizes the body. This hormone slows down the system and the higher its levels, the lower your feel along with being lethargic and tired.

Menstruation Day One

On this day or the first day of the menstrual cycle, both of the above hormones are extremely low. So during this time the body releases what is known as Prostaglandins. This is what a pregnant woman releases when she is in labor for creating contractions, but these are usually not felt during the periods.


During the later half of the periods, estrogen levels start getting higher, though progesterone may still be slow.

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 Those who are prone to getting anxious too fast may experience this change now. The hormones help you stay and feel happy and though you are not feeling that great, you are not feeling bad too.


As the period gets closer to ending, you will start feeling more good looking, slimmer, your sex drive is back now and you are ready for workouts. This is the time when you feel the testosterone levels going up. So you are all set emotionally, pretty much stable and the body is ready for creating babies, if you were planning. Now is the time that you are ready for almost anything, including a mushy romance.

Post Ovulation

Now is the time to say goodbye to ovulation. The estrogen is going away and this drastic fall leads to the release of the egg from the body. The levels of progesterone suddenly start going up and though you may seem calm for a bit, anxiety is on the rise too.

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Women get more prone to depressions now and around day 24 of the menstrual cycle, progesterone reaches its high spot. The appetite goes up, body goes down and this is what is known as Pre menstrual syndrome or PMS, on which you can blame all your temper tantrums. So this is how the hormonal cycle works with menstruation and keeps us high and low!