Reasons For Yeast Infections In Women

Reasons For Yeast Infections In Women Yeast Infections in women are primarily found in the vaginal area caused by overgrowth of fungus Candida albicans. A small amount of this yeast is present in the vagina, however, it is the outgrowth of the bacteria in and around the vulva that causes irritation, redness and extreme itchiness. Yeast infection is a found to be a common problem with more than 80% of women; many have more than one type of fungal infection in their lifetime.

There are recurrent, therefore keeping a watch all the time is essential. There are a few common causes of this infection to take place in women’s private area; these can be taken care of to prevent the severity and occurrence of infection. This guide gives you all the reasons associated: –

Causes Of Women Yeast Infections


It is a common thing for a pregnant woman to have a yeast infection, though it should be treated immediately if the attack is sudden and extreme.


Caused primarily due to the hormonal changes in the phase, it should not be taken lightly, or treated carelessly. A doctor’s consultation is advisable before intake or application of medicines.


Menstruation Period is said to be a phase where the woman’s body turns weak for a day or two. It is likely for infections to occur during this time. Personal hygiene should be maintained with time to time and proper cleaning and changing of pads or tampons within eight hours or as required. One should also maintain healthy eating habits and avoid sugary food.


Birth Control Pills, antibiotics, steroids and other over the counter medicines can sometimes react and cause yeast infections. It is always advisable to report a doctor and take-in prescribed medicines to avoid the side effects.

Certain Medications

It may not necessarily cause infections to all, but for those who have a sensitive immune system, the medicines may cause a problem.

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If you never had a yeast infection before, it surely will feel like a sexually transmitted infection like HIV or gonorrhea at the first insight. Soreness, pain when passing urine or having sex, will surely cause trouble. Also, if you have diabetes or hypertension which is not under proper control or thorough medication, having yeast infection is common.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Lack of sleep, poor eating habits, less nutritious foods, excessive sugary or spicy foods can be a cause of infections in the vulva. It causes imbalance in the acidic system of the body causing improper and painful urination.

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This affects the internal skin causing the fungus to grow. A lot of water should be consumed when there is improper eating or otherwise also, to keep the system clean and hydrated.

Cleanliness Issues

If you are into the habit of wearing panty-liners or using spermicidal condoms, make sure you wash thoroughly and keep the vulva and surrounded area clean. These may not have an immediate effect, but causes unnoticeable irritation initially which later takes a bigger form causing soreness and irritation. It is a gentle area and highly sensitive, therefore chemical based surroundings for prolonged periods should be controlled.

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