Quick Fix Makeup Tips For A Fat Face

Makeup Tips For A Fat Face One of the best ways to make your face appear slimmer is by using makeup. Simple, quick fix makeup tips can make your face apper longer and enhance your beautiful features as well. So even if you have a fat face you do not have to undergo surgeries to look like a slim model. Here are some tips that will make your face appear longer and gorgeous.

How to Make your Face Slimmer

Foundation Makeup for a Slim Face

Get a foundation that is the same shade as your skin tone. Test the foundation shade by applying it on your jaw line. Blend the shade well so as to check if it matches with your foundation. Contouring your face with foundation and face powder is also a very good way of making your face appear slimmer. For doing this, you will need a light and dark shade of foundation.

Apply the dark shade of foundation on the areas of the face that have more fat like the jaw line and temples. Apply a lighter shade of foundation under your eyes, in the middle of the nose, on the forehead and chin.

Use a foundation brush to blend both the foundation shades into your skin. Set your foundation makeup by dusting some loose powder on top with a large fluffy face brush.

Use Bronzer for Slimming

Apart from foundation, bronzers or darker colored blushes can be used for contouring the face. Choose a bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Use a contouring blush brush to apply the bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, along the jaw line and on your temples.

Bronzer for Slimming

If you do not find a dark colored bronzer then you can use a dark shade of blush in earthy colors or even a darker shade of pressed powder.

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If you have fat around your face then skip the blush which will only accentuate the round cheeks. Instead apply highlighter under the eyes and on top of your cheeks. Blend it well using a brush or your fingers. Highlighters are available in liquid, cream and powder form and based on the ease of use you can choose any one that suits you.

Eye and Lip Makeup

Keep the focus on your eyes by making them look larger. Apply bright eye makeup or opt for smoky eyes. Accentuate your eye lashes by applying volumizing mascara on the lashes. You can also opt for dramatic false lashes to make your eyes look larger and beautiful.

Groomed eyebrows define the face and make it appear slimmer. For the lips you can use a shimmery lip gloss that gives your lips a nice plump effect. You can also go in for a two tone effect with your lipstick to make the lips appear fuller.

These simple tips will make your face look slimmer and beautiful. At first it may be difficult to get things right but with practice you will soon be able to master the art of contouring makeup perfectly.