Protein Hair Treatment To Make Hair Long And Strong

Protein Hair Treatment To Make Hair Long and Strong Dry, frizzy and brittle hair with split ends is a common problem these days.  There are myriad reasons for hair becoming dry and brittle. Pollution and various hair treatments like coloring, straightening or perming that you subject your hair to tend to damage them and rip off all the protein content from your hair. Protein treatment is an effective hair therapy to treat these weak, damaged and brittle hairs susceptible to split ends, breakage and fall.

Protein Hair Treatment 

Significance Of Protein Hair Treatment

We all know that our hair is made up of 70% protein called keratin.  This natural protein is produced by our body from the food we eat.  So it is necessary to replenish the lost protein to protect your hair from damage.

The purpose of protein treatment is to restore the lost protein and moisture and make your hair healthy, long and strong by repairing the damaged brittle hair.

It is said that you lose 15 to 20% protein when you do your first chemical treatment and you lose additional protein when you indulge your hair for more chemical treatments.

Types Of Protein Treatment

The protein hair treatments that are used for rebuilding and strengthening damaged hair comprise of milk protein, soy protein, vitamin B5, wheat and antioxidant vitamins.

Milk protein is used for rebuilding amino acids and improves the softness and suppleness of hair that has been damaged due to overuse of styling and chemical products. Protein treatment is mostly recommended for dry and lifeless hair.

Protein Hair Treatment To Make Hair Long and Strong

Protein treatments from commercially available product are fortified with natural protein which feed your hair with the nutrients. If your hair is badly damaged due to repeated chemical treatment, you will need an intensive protein treatment to save your hair.

In such a condition, it will be better to consult a hair expert and get it done from a reputed salon as hair experts can tell which product will really work on your hair after examining the extent of damage and keeping in view your hair type.

The hair professional may use ApHogee – a two step protein treatment that has been designed especially for severely damaged hair and shouldn’t be used frequently. These treatments are recommended once in every eight weeks or more.

At Home Protein Treatment

For at home protein treatment, eggs and egg based products are used. For mildly damaged hair, gentle protein treatment like home protein masks are appropriate. Healthy hair doesn’t need additional protein treatment.

For treating your damaged hair with homemade protein conditioner, you can use eggs combined with yogurt, mayonnaise, olive oil, honey etc.  Different recipes can be made for homemade protein conditioner.

Protein Hair Treatment To Make Hair Long and Strong

For example, mix together one tablespoon of olive oil with one egg yolk and add one cup lukewarm water to prepare a great conditioner for dry and brittle hair. Similarly, try mixing one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of almond oil and an egg yolk or combine 1 cup yogurt and one egg yolk and apply on wet hair.

Wait for few minutes and rinse your hair with plain water. You can alternate this protein treatment with readymade conditioners available in the market. If your hair has too many split ends or you are experiencing breakage, condition your hair after every wash until elasticity and strength to your hair is restored.

If you want to have long, strong and healthy hair from inside out, the best option is natural protein treatment. Incorporate foods that are high in protein in your diet.