Prevention And Treatment Of Breast cysts

Prevention And Treatment Of Breast cysts Breast Cysts are fluid filled sacs kind of growth in the breast.  They are very similar to cancerous lumps, but are benign. Usually they do not cause any problems and therefore, do not require treatment, however, in some cases they may become too large, get infected or just become painful especially during any arm movement; this is when the doctor will recommend a course of treatment.

The common symptom of cysts is by touch. When you move your hand over the breast area you may find soft or firm lumpy formations which may or may not be painful. However, if you have micro cysts then detection through physical examination is not possible.

In such cases if you have tenderness or painful breasts and showing other symptoms then you may be asked to get a mammogram or ultrasound done. They scan the breast and can detect the micro cysts accurately.


The cysts are consequences of hormonal imbalance and their upheaval around menstrual cycle, pregnancy and other such bodily events. Oestrogen, prolactin and progesterone are believed to be responsible for cyst formation as they have an important role in the growth of breast tissue.

You can prevent the formation of these lumps to certain extent by making some simple changes in your diet. However, there is no sure short way of ensuring that you never get these cysts.

Reduction Of Salt

The lumps in the breast have fluid in them. Salt is a major reason behind fluid retention in the body.

good rich in salt

It is believed that reduction of salt in your regular diet can reduce the water retention and result in prevention of the cysts. Also, consider lowering your intake of processed and junk food as these also have high level of lumps.

Supporting Bra

A good undergarment is of paramount importance if you are vulnerable to these lumps. You will know if you have had earlier episodes of cysts or it runs in your family. A good bra will not only help you with the discomfort caused by the lumps but also reduce the chances of having it.


Though it is not scientifically proven, but reduction and if possible, elimination of caffeine reduces the chances of having cysts.


It has also been experienced that cut in caffeine levels relieves the pain and discomfort caused by the cysts. Coffee and chocolate are two major sources of caffeine in our diet.

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The course of treatment depends on the extent and recurrence of the breast cysts. It ranges from simple medication to surgery.

Fluid Extraction

In cases of a few cysts, the simple method is to dry the cyst out by extracting the fluid. This fluid is further examined and if found clear, then no further medical intervention is required except monitoring that cysts do not recur and treated ones disappear completely. This process is called fine needle aspiration.

Hormonal Therapy

To restore the hormonal balance in the body, prescription of birth control pills is very common. In some cases where the imbalance is critical, you may be injected with hormones directly.

Birth Control Pills

Once done, you will find the incidence of recurrence either completely disappearing or reducing tremendously.


In cases where the cyst has grown to a large size or is extremely painful, option of surgically removing the cyst may be employed. This cyst is further examined in a biopsy for ruling out the existence of any cancerous tissue to give a clean chit to the patient.

Breast cyst is very common especially amongst the reproductively active age group of women. There is usually nothing to worry about it, but its appearance definitely requires a visit to the doctor for a complete scan and examination.

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