Portal on Winter Fashion 2013

winter fashion Winter is a great styling season. It offers you the room to experiment with your looks. Winter trends have high benchmarks, since this season allows you to flaunt boots, jeans, jackets and various other stylish wears.

Some of the best winter fashion trends in 2013 made the season hotter and more glamorous.

Top 5 Winter Fashion Trends 2013


A small section of women lay back under the dilemma that winter is an essential covering season. Consequently, they feel that the season adds to their weight. However, this notion is completely untrue. Proper winter dressing sense makes you look hotter, not bulky. Instead of piling layers of sweaters and jackets, you should stick to wearing tailored blazers. These are wind proof blazers that keep you warm and stylish.


Thus, blazers ruled the winter clothing fashion trend in 2013. Since they are anti-cold, they can be worn over stretchable skin tight woolen shirts. The complete cotton finish adds to the softness of these winter blazers. They are stretchable and stylish, both. The buttons offer a sexy look to the blazers. They are a perfect office wears as well. Tailored blazers come in varying sizes. Thus, size is never a constraint.

Pencil Skirts

These are perfect winter clothing for women, since they add to the sex appeal and beauty of women. Pencil skirts keep you warm and at the same time, you can flaunt your figure as well. They unveil your curves in a seductive, yet graceful manner. Their formal look offers you a lot of room to experiment with the uppers. You can wear fur jackets or designer blazers in order to keep bay from cold.

high waist pencil skirt

It is best to team up the pencil skirts with knee length boots. This is because; the pencil skirts are of knee length. Such a dressing pattern keeps you completely covered. Therefore, it helps you in looking hotter and also saves you from cold. You can also team up the pencil skirt with high heels for better results.

Narrow Jeans

Narrow has never been out of trend. Though, women prefer wearing skirts and shorts in summers. Thus, narrow jeans have kept the streets buzzing during the winters in 2013. This trend is expected to continue until the springs in 2013 and thereafter as well. These jeans look extremely stylish. They are comfortable, trendy, cool and sophisticated. They bring out the best in you during winters. For this reason, they are always considered as the best winter dressing option. Narrow jeans are curvy and sleek.

narrow jeans

However, these are exclusive slim women winter wear items. Do not try and flaunt yourself with narrow jeans, if you are a plus size woman. This is because; narrow jeans are low waist curvy jeans. Hence, they focus on gracefully unveiling the curves. You may end up looking vulgar in narrow jeans, in case you are plump. The plus size counterparts of narrow jeans are boot cut jeans. They offer the same comfort and style as offered by narrow jeans. Therefore, always select those items that complement your body.

Jeans are perfect winter fashion for girls, since they keep cold away. Infact, they look best with heels, flats and boots, all. In other terms, all foot wears look trendy with jeans. Thus, you don’t have to keep digging harder in order to find the correct footwear with jeans.

Long Scarves

Long scarves kept the market hot in the winters of 2013. This trend is expected to continue in 2013 as well. Scarves were earlier used as an additional accessory for keeping bay from cold. However, they have now been promoted to essential winter style statements. Single colored scarves are worn across the neck. They are cold cheaters that add style to whatever you wear.

long skarf

They look good on skirts, jeans, jeggings and everything else that you wear. They can be worn in the form of a tie. This is one of the most popular ways of wearing a scarf in the office. Nonetheless, scarves should be in the list of your fashionable winter wears for years to come.

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Overcoats are yet another winter fashion trend that ignited the markets in 2013. They look blazing hot on skirts and jeans. There are different patterns, colors and sizes that are being offered in overcoats. Faux fur coats are a small classification of overcoats for women.


Faux fur has been the newest and latest addition to the winter fashion 2013. The knee length overcoats are perfect winter items for fashionable women. Since the variety is huge, choose the sleekest possible knee length overcoat in order to flaunt your curves.

Yet some other popular winter fashion trends 2013 are long sleeved lace dresses, brimmed hats, cardigans, pump heels, stripes and polka dots. Remember to keep it stylish in every season with the latest trends in the fashion market.