Pamper Your Hands With French Manicure At Home


Pamper Your Hands With French Manicure At Home For those who have just entered into the manicure arena and wondering what French manicure is all about; French manicure is the cosmetic beauty treatment for hands and fingernails. French manicure resembles the natural nails with just the pink base coat and white tips. This most popular form of manicure gives a clean and smart look that is suitable for all occasions. French manicure can also be done at home, in a relaxed atmosphere.

However, before getting started with it, make sure you are not disturbed during the manicure to enjoy the pampering of your hands. Here is a step-by-step guide for French manicure at home.

Steps for Doing French Manicure at Home

Collect all the Essentials Before Starting

French manicure at home is not an impossible task, if you have all the required items within your reach. Make a list of the essentials and arrange them in an order, so that you don’t struggle to find a moisturizer or a cuticle tool. Preparing and arranging everything beforehand will not only save your time; but will also make your French manicure a pleasant and stress free experience even at home.

Pamper Your Hands With French Manicure At Home

The basic things that you will need for the French manicure are: a bowl of warm water, hand lotion or moisturizer, cuticle remover cream, kitchen towel, cotton balls, hand towel to keep under the wrists while applying the nail paint, two small plastic bags, French manicure color kit, French manicure pack, Q-Tips, clear top coat polish, cuticle tool, scissor and nail polish remover.

Start with Removing the Nail Paint

Once you have taken off all your jewellery to bare your hands completely; start your French manicure by removing the nail polish. Use cotton pads or ball to wipe off the nail paint.

You can use your regular remover, however keep in mind that acetone dries out the nails and cannot be used on fake nails. Non-acetone nail polish remover will require a little effort to remove stubborn nail paint; but is suitable for fake nails as well as real nails.

File the Nails

Pamper Your Hands With French Manicure At Home

Now, cut your nails in required shape and file them with a nail filer. Don’t go back and forth while filing the nails. The correct way to file the nails is in one direction. Although, square is a popular shape these days for nails, oval is never out of style.

Soak Your Hands in Warm Water

Apply cuticle remover and soak your hands in the lukewarm water for approximately 5 minutes to soften the cuticles. If your hands are too dry, you can place them in the plastic bags for another 5 minutes to soften them.

Pat Dry with Kitchen Towel

Take the kitchen towel and dry off your nails and hands gently. Kitchen towel will prevent the lint or threads that may damage your nails.

Clean the Nails and Shape the Cuticles

Pamper Your Hands With French Manicure At Home

Take the cuticle tool and gently push the cuticles backwards at the base of the nail. Snip the dead skin with scissor. However, be careful while snipping it as you may damage the cuticle and get hurt if the extraneous skin s not dead. Also clean the underside of the nail with the help of cuticle tool.

Massage with Hand Lotion

It is massage time now. Apply moisturizer or hand lotion and massage your hands as well as lower part of your arms to complete relaxation. Massage will also improve the blood circulation and make you feel rejuvenated.

Apply Base Coat

Before you start painting your nails, dip a Q-Tip into nail polish remover and apply it on the surface nails. It will help your nail paint adhere to the nails. Now place the towels under your wrist for a steady hand and apply the base coat.

The technique is a stroke downwards at the centre, then left and right sides of the nails for the complete coverage. Apply a thin layer for a cleaner look.

Paint the Tips White

Your French manicure pack will contains the guide strips to create perfect arcs at the tip of the nails. Take them out and use them for pretty and clean white arcs. Once your base coat is completely dry, apply the guide strip at the white part of the nails, at the end.

Pamper Your Hands With French Manicure At Home

The technique for applying the white tip is the same as the base coat. Start at the centre with a vertical stroke, then left and then right to complete it. Let it dry completely before taking off the guide strips.

Seal it with a Top Coating

To clear the residues from the guide strip, just dip the Q-tip in alcohol and clear it gently. Once the nails are completely dry, seal the base coat and white tips with a top clear coat. You are now ready to flaunt your beautiful French manicured hands.