Navel Piercing Tips & Precautions

Navel Piercing Tips & Precautions Navel piercing is nothing but a form of body art that has gained tremendous popularity with teens and young people. Holes are punctured on various parts of the body like nostrils, ears, belly button, tongue, lips and even the chin.

In navel piercing, a piece of jewellery is inserted into the punctured belly button. However, the procedure is not entirely safe as it can often lead to infection. Certain tips and precautions must be exercised which ensures that the piercing is carried out in a safe and clean environment.

Ways And Precautions For Body Piercing

Choose A Studio Of Repute

Navel piercing is done at body piercing studios that specializes in them. A number of studios have mushroomed but you will fare well if you ask around and choose a studio of repute that follows requisite standards of hygiene and sanitation.

The Use Of Piercing Guns Vis-A-Vis Needles

The use of piercing guns should only be exercised for the ears and nose. Other body parts like the belly button should be pierced with a clean needle. Softer tissues are easily crushed with a piercing gun and this could lead to infections.

Navel Piercing Tips & Precautions

The Process

The belly button is first sterilized with a germicidal solution. A clean needle is then taken and a hole is quickly punctured. Small amount of bleeding may occur.

The jewellery used should be made of gold, silver or titanium as these tend to not react with the skin. An antiseptic ointment will be prescribed to be put on the puncture for a few days to avoid the occurrence of an infection.


Look around the studio and see the levels of hygiene. Have a cursory glance at the instruments used as well as the personal hygiene of the studio artist who does the procedure.

Ensure that the area to be pierced is always washed with a good antiseptic lotion. Make sure you are vaccinated against blood borne diseases like hepatitis to prevent the possibility of contracting an infection.

The needles used should be new and clean. If you are going in for a tongue piercing, ensure that your oral hygiene is impeccable. If your gums and teeth are in a bad condition, chances of infection occurring in the puncture site are very high.

Navel Piercing Tips & Precautions

See a doctor immediately at the first signs of infection. These include swelling, pain and the appearance of pus. To avoid infection never touch the punctured site with dirty hands especially while it is healing.

Belly piercings need to be treated with more care. Make sure you wash your belly button area with warm water and soap during a bath. This will ensure that no dirt and grime are lodged at the site of the puncture.

Check to see if the studio artist is wearing gloves while doing the procedure. Always ask for his/her credentials and certificates before you start the procedure. If your navel has been pierced, leave the punctured site exposed.

Tight fitting clothes can rub and cause irritation and infection. Always ensure that the right kind of jewellery is used which will not react with your skin. This is of paramount importance.

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