Top 7 Natural Ways To Keep Prickly Heat Rash At Bay In This Summer

It is summer time, mainly the time of fun and frolic. But in summer skin diseases are very common thing. Among skin diseases prickly heat is a very common thing. Though prickly heat can affect people of any age, babies and children are prone to it because their sweat glands are not fully developed. In medical term prickly heat rash is recognized as miliaria. Symptom of this skin problem are small red bumpy rash, appears on the skin with prickling or stinging sensation. This problem is common in hot and humid weather where excessive sweat occurs. Excessive sweat, dirt and oil block the pores of the skin and may cause the prickly heat. Other causes of this rash are bacterial infection and underdeveloped sweat glands (common in children). To get rid of this problem, you have to avoid excessive sweating, to keep your skin cool and clean and to keep your skin dry. This article will give you a few natural tips to get rid of Prickly Heat.

Here Are The Top 7 Natural Ways To Keep Prickly Heat Rash At Bay In This Summer:

1. Regular Bathing:

Take bath in cool water for twice or thrice in a day. This will not only help to remove the heat from your body, it will also help to keep your skin pores open. But after bath wash your skin properly to keep it dry. Wet skin may worsen the situation. Mix some lemon juice in your bath water. It serves to keep your skin dry and controls the excessive secretion of sweat as well as oil glands.

Regular Bathing

2. Clean Attire:

Always wear dry and clean attire made of natural fiber because natural fiber allows air circulation in it and keeps your body, dry, cool and sweat free. Avoid synthetic fiber. It may aggravate the situation.

Clean Attire

3. Drink Aniseed and Palm Candy:

Soak a tablespoon aniseed and some palm candy in a glass of water for 3-4 hours. Drink this water at least once daily. This water has a therapeutic value. It helps to cool your body and make it toxin free.

Drink Aniseed and Palm Candy

4. Aloevera Gel:

Fresh aloevera gel is excellent for prickly heat rash. Cut a tube of aloevera and remove the fresh gel of it. Mash it with your fingers and apply a thick layer of aloevera gel on your prickly heat rash. Aloevera gel itself is a cool substance and makes your skin cool. Thus, regular application of this gel is highly beneficial for prickly heat rash.

Aloe Vera (2)

5. Sandalwood Paste:

Sandalwood paste is an excellent product for skin in summer. Sandalwood paste has antibacterial property. It helps to make your skin cool and it controls the secretion of sebum gland. Regular application of sandalwood paste on your skin is highly beneficial to control the prickly heat rash.

Sandalwood Paste

6. Neem Leaves and Turmeric:

If your prickly heat occurs due to bacterial infection, crush some fresh neem leaves and turmeric in a grind to paste and apply that on your skin at least 30 to 40 minutes before going to take a bath. Practice this measure at least twice or thrice in a week and soon get rid of prickly heat rashes.

Neem Leaves and Turmeric

7. Mint Ice Cubes:

Rub ice cubes again and again on your skin when prickly heat rash appear on skin due to excessive heat. Rubbing ice cubes help to make your skin cool. You can mix some mint juice in the water before freezing it. Mint juice has antiseptic and antibacterial property which helps in the prickly heat if it occurs due to bacterial infection.

Mint Ice Cubes

Take these measures and enhance the intake of summer citrus fruits. You will get the benefit.