Natural Skin Care Remedies For Various Problems

Natural Skin Care Remedies For Various Problems Every child is blessed with a beautiful skin but somehow as we grow up our skin begins to lose its natural beauty due to various factors like pollution, poor diet, fluctuating hormone levels in the body, stress, etc. The good news is that if you are keen to restore your earlier peaches and cream complexion, it can be done with the help of natural and herbal products.

Natural products have by and large no side effects and they are comparatively cheaper also. Here, we present you simple and effective remedies for various skin problems.

Skin Care Remedies for Various Skin Problems


One of the most effective natural remedies against acne is nutmeg. This spice is easily available at grocery shop. One nutmeg will last many days. Before going to bet, take some raw milk and sprinkle it on a hard surface like a stone slab.

Natural Skin Care Remedies For Various Problems

Now, rub the nutmeg on the sprinkled milk. Mix this mixture well. It will turn into a light brown colored paste. Collect this paste in a bowl and apply it on your acne.

Do not wash the face immediately. Sleep with this paste on your face. Next morning, wash your face with plain water. This paste dries up acne very fast.


If pigmentation has begun to spoil your facial beauty than try this natural remedy. Take a radish and grate it well. Squeeze out juice of the radish and apply it on pigmentation on daily basis with the help of cotton bud. You can keep the radish juice in fridge also for up to three days.


For freckles, chickpeas work well. Take a handful of chickpeas and soak them overnight in water.

Natural Skin Care Remedies For Various Problems

In the morning grind them into a fine paste and apply on freckles. Let it air dry. Wash off your face with plain water. You can apply this paste daily.

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Potato juice is a very effective remedy for skin tan. Take some potatoes and grate them well. Squeeze out the juice of potatoes and apply on the affected areas. You can apply it on neck, arms, face, feet or anywhere.

Let it stay on your skin for 20 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Do not let it air dry. Potato is high in starch which makes skin dry and can cause wrinkles in long run.


Take an egg white and add some finely grounded fuller’s earth into it to make a paste.

Natural Skin Care Remedies For Various Problems

Apply this paste on your face. It helps in tightening skin and reduces wrinkles. You can apply this face pack, once in a week.

Under Eye Circles

Cucumber juice is an effective remedy against dark circles. Peel and cut two roundels of cucumber and place them on your closed eyes. Wait for 20 minutes and then remove the roundels.

Puffy Eyes

For puffy eyes, used tea bags are the best bet. Lie down and relax. Take two used tea bags which are not hot but feel damp.

Natural Skin Care Remedies For Various Problems

Close your eyes and place the used tea bag. Lightly press the tea bag on your eyes. Let it stay for 10 minutes. Immediately you will find a difference in puffiness.

Dry Skin

Used milk pouches are the most effective and cheap remedy for dry facial skin. Take used milk pouches and turn them inside out so that the milk residue and fat gets exposed.

Now slide in your hand into the pouch as if you are wearing a glove and gently rub the pouch all over your face and neck. Massage in circular motion and in upward stroke for 10 minutes and then wash off with plain water.

It will instantly make your skin soft and supple. These simple remedies will make a remarkable difference to your skin if you use them regularly.