Natural Remedies For Menstruation Pain

menstruation pain Menstruation pains are the pains in the pelvic area, experienced by females just before their menstrual period and affects more than 60% of women.

Menstruation pains range from mild to severe and can be experienced just as a sense of light heaviness in the belly. Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for cramps occurring before or during menstrual period.

The two types of dysmenorrhea are primary, which is common menstrual pain usually beginning two years after a woman gets her period. Primary Dysmenorrhea stops after woman has her first baby. Secondary dysmenorrhea usually begins in the menstrual cycle and last longer than common menstrual pain.

Symptoms of menstrual pain include abdominal pain, sweating, stomach upset, dizziness, nausea, loose stools, headache, constipation, pains in the hips, pain in the inner thighs, pain in lower back and pressure in the abdomen. Menstruation pain begin shortly before menstrual period 24 hours before the onset of bleeding and subside in a day or two.

Lack of physical activity, is now recognized to contribute painful menstrual cramps. Psychological factors such as emotional stress also play an important role in increasing discomfort of menstrual cramps. Listed below are few natural remedies, which are completely safe and effective in curing menstruation pain.

Remedies For Menstruation Pain


Chamomile is an herbal relaxant, which has strong anti-inflammatory, calming agent and antispasmodic properties that is effective in treating cramps and stomach upset.

chamomile tea

Simply make a cup of chamomile tea following the directions written on the package and drink it two times a day in the morning and evening until symptoms tags off. A strong cup of chamomile tea reduces cramping and pains in the bowel.


Ginger is a warming herb helping to lower the pains and fatigue associated with premenstrual syndrome. Ginger considers as an effective treatment in relieving symptoms of menstrual cramps and scientist too confirms that ginger relieves pain, nausea, stomach upset and inflammation.

Prepare a nice ginger tea out of ginger root, which is available in almost all supermarkets. Drop 2 tablespoon of dried ginger powder in boiling water for 15 minutes, strain the water and drink it two times a day for desired results.

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Fennel is a culinary herb that contains antispasmodic properties helping to relax muscles during menstruation. Start your day with a teaspoon of fennel seeds followed by a glass of water just prior three days before your periods date and continue until your menstrual cycle.

Raspberry Leaves

Raspberry leaves is woman’s best friend and works as a female toner, thereby helping to alleviate menstrual cramps through it’s high magnesium, vitamins, minerals, potassium and calcium content.

Raspberry Leaves

To prepare a cup of raspberry tea, simply infuse a teaspoon in boiling water for 15 minutes and sweeten with honey if required. For those who don’t wish to drink tea, can choose for tablets, capsules or tinctures. This is a safe herb, which has no side effects.

Hot Compress

Take a bottle and fill hot water in the bottle using it as a hot compress. Apply the hot compress over the aching parts of your body, which includes abdomen, lower back, thighs and legs. It helps to soothe the inflamed muscles, thereby providing immediate relief.

There are many other acupressure and massages that reliefs you from menstrual pains. Drink enough water to stay hydrated and increase intake of fresh sugar free juices to avoid menstrual pains.