Natural Ingredients For Skincare

Natural Ingredients For Skincare Our skin demands a lot of attention but hardly gets any. It is really unfair for us to expect a flawless and glowing complexion without caring for our skin. Many a times we equate good skincare with expensive cosmetics and beauty products. It is really a myth. You really don’t have to spend a lot on good skincare. All you have to do is search your own kitchen and refrigerator for the right products. Mother Nature has blessed us with many ingredients which can change the way our skin looks or feels. Read on to find about the best ingredients for skincare.

How To Care For Your Skin Naturally

Honey: The ultimate Beauty Potion

Almost every beauty column goes gaga about the goodness of this elixir of nature. Honey can show amazing results if included in regular skincare. The first and most important thing to check is the purity of the honey you are using. Make sure you go for pure, organic honey.

Natural Ingredients For Skincare

Slather on some honey on your face and let it dry for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and you will fall in love with the glow it imparts. This regime, if done once every two days can yield long-lasting results. You can also mix honey with lemon and use it as a face pack.

It helps in the removal of scars and blemishes. Mash a banana and mix it with honey to obtain a dry skin mask. Honey is good for all skin types; hence embrace this beauty potion today. Honey mixed in warm water and lemon juice, when taken every morning on an empty stomach works as an excellent anti-oxidant.

Milk the Troubles away

The beautiful Cleopatra knew the benefits of milk. No wonder, she took a milk bath every day. Well, you can’t do that but still can reap the benefits of milk. If you don’t like washing your face with harsh chemicals, grab a cotton ball and a small bowl of milk. Dab the cotton in the milk and wipe your face with it.

Not only will it remove the dirt and grime, but also will keep the moisture level of the skin intact. You can also make your own scrub by mixing milk and oats together and applying it on your face and neck area. Lactic acid is one of the main components of milk and it is a well known fact that lactic acid helps in lightening blemishes and spots.

This can be rooted to the fact that it reduces the melanin production, which is one of the main reasons behind discoloration and blemishes. Milk, when consumed everyday with a pinch of turmeric helps in strengthening your immunity and clearing your skin.

Olive Oil, all the Way

The next time you go for your shopping trip, make sure you get hold of a good quality olive oil. This wonderful oil has innumerable beauty benefits. From exfoliation to providing moisture, olive oil is one of the most powerful beauty oils. Mix olive oil with coarse sugar or salt and you have got your very own homemade exfoliator.

Natural Ingredients For Skincare

Pure olive oil can be used as a moisturizer as well. Warm olive oil is extremely beneficial for dry and ragged cuticles. You can also make your very own moisturizing mask with olive oil by mixing a teaspoon each of olive oil, honey and lemon.

If you are a dry-skinned beauty, you must seek refuge under this magical oil. However, if you have oily skin, you might use it in moderation. For the others, remember to use olive oil everyday to keep all your skin troubles at bay!

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This wonderful fruit is full of Vitamin C and that is the main ingredient which makes it such a powerhouse. Vitamin C is known for its beauty benefits. From reducing blemishes to dealing with excess oil, lemon is beauty’s best friend. Take the juice of one lemon and dab it on the oily areas for a few seconds.

Let it dry for ten minutes and wash off with cold water. You will observe remarkable difference. Make sure you use lemon in moderation as it is acidic in nature. Lemon can also be a good addition to any mask or exfoliator. Add a few drops to your homemade mask or exfoliator to make it even more effective.

As Sweet as Sugar

Sugar is one of the most potent exfoliators. For any sort of exfoliation, be it mild or strong, sugar forms a very strong base. All you have to do is get hold of coarse sugar. Mix a cup of sugar with half a cup of any beauty oil and a few drops of any aromatic oil of your choice. Stir well and use this mixture as an exfoliator.

Natural Ingredients For Skincare

You can also use brown sugar. The best combination would definitely be sugar with olive oil and vanilla or rose oil. The sweetness of sugar is perfectly enhanced by these sweet essences. The result – an irresistibly smooth and fragrant skin.

You really don’t have to go for those expensive spa treatments, when you can whip up magic right in your kitchen! Just get the right ingredients and you are set!

Cucumber – The Mighty One

Cucumbers, apart from their refreshing taste, provide nourishment and moisture to your skin. Simple chilled cucumber juice is enough for a good skincare. Apply this juice on your face, let it dry and wash off with cold water. Your face will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Cucumber juice also doubles up as a very good astringent, that is, shine controller. It is a boon for oily skinned and sensitive skinned beauties. Make sure you use fresh cucumber for skincare. Cucumber slices are excellent for puffy and tired eyes. You can grate some cucumber, mix with yoghurt and apply on your face for an excellent natural whitening mask.

Yogurt has enzymes which help in lightening the skin color as it also doubles up as natural bleach. Cucumber makes sure that your skin is not stripped of its natural oils.

With these natural ingredients, you can surely be the beauty queen you have always dreamt to be. Make sure you include lots of water, fruits and vegetables in your diet to speed up the benefits of all these natural ingredients. There is nothing better than giving the reigns of your skincare to nature. Go natural all the way!