7 Natural Hair Care Tips For Black Hair

Hair Care Tips For Black Hair

While long, black and wavy hair look amazing on a woman, they are also a tad difficult to groom and maintain. Long and black hair is prone to frizz which makes it even more difficult to manage.

Most of the time women are left with little choice but to chop off or trim their hair or go in  for expensive hair care products. However with some basic long hair care tips, their texture can be made to look soft and beautiful.

Hair Care Tips For Black Hair

Find A Good Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

It makes a lot of sense to find a good hair stylist who will trim and style your hair to perfection. Ask the salon assistant to give you a good haircut which suits your face cut and shape.

You can take tips and inputs from other friends who have a similar hairstyle like yours.

Conditioning Is Important

Hair Conditioning

Black hair cannot do without a good, moisturizing conditioner. Shampooing is just the tip of the iceberg. Black hair thrives with the right conditioner suited for your hair type. Once you have shampooed your hair make sure you seal in the moisture by lathering on a coin sized dollop of conditioner to the ends of your hair. Conditioner will give the right sheen to your hair and make the hair shine.

Do Not Use Hot Water

Do Not Use Hot Water

Never use hot water to wash your hair as hot water absorbs all moisture leaving your hair very coarse and dry. Instead, use cold water. Cold water locks in moisture and reduces frizz.

Smoothen Out The Hair

Smoothen Out The Hair

One you are through with washing, gently run your fingers through the curls. This tames the frizziest curls. Blow drying is not a good option as it leaves your hair feeling too frizzy. Instead let the hair air dry.

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Do Not Use Too Much Of Hair Product

Do Not Use Too Much Of Hair Product

Black hair texture is such that it is very sensitive to hair products and also to premature greying. Hence it makes a lot of sense to use hair products very sparingly. Take a blob of the hair product and rub it in your palm first. This ensures even distribution of the product on the entire length of your hair when you begin to apply it.

Another trick to using hair product is to use it immediately after a shower. This will trap the product in your wet hair and give you moisture rich hair. Scrunch and dry out your hair with a soft towel especially if you feel you have lathered on too much of product. Once the product has dried on your hair, brush out the hair.

Deep Condition

Deep Condition

Go to a salon and go in for deep conditioning treatments once in a month. These treatments help to detoxify the hair especially after the hair has been exposed to pollution, smog and dirt.

Deep conditioning also reduces the frizz on your hair and makes the hair healthy and well nourished.

Oil Massages

Oil Massage

Do not forget to use a good hot oil massage to strengthen your black hair from their roots. This is essential to keep the hair soft and manageable. It also gives a rich sheen to the hair. These tips will make your long and curly hair more manageable.