5 Natural Ways Foods For Hot Flashes

5 Natural Ways Foods For Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are a medical condition where you can experience a sudden warmth spreading mainly on your face, cheeks and upper chest. This could be accompanied with sweat and reddening of areas where you get this flashes. They are mainly experienced by women who are entering in the menopausal phase as they have hormonal chaos going on in their bodies.

Other reasons behind hot flashes could be excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. Heat and stress can also play a role behind them. Coffee and spicy food should be avoided where you are suffering from Hot flashes. There are certain food ingredients that can help alleviate these symptoms of hot flashes to a large extent.

Best Natural Food For Hot Flashes

Spinach And Other Greens

Green leafy vegetables are rich source of Iron and calcium. These both are very crucial for fighting the hot flashes. Especially in case of menopausal women, many of them can experience deficiency of these two nutrients thereby aggravating the hot flashes.

Spanich And Other Greens

Spinach, broccoli, mustard greens can help you out in maintaining the balance of Iron and calcium in the body.

Protein Rich Diet

Protein Rich Diet

Proteins are the basic building blocks of our body. A diet rich in proteins is the first step to find relief from hot flashes. Lentils, legumes and meat are a rich source of proteins. Including Soybeans  in the diet is also a great option against hot flashes; not only is it rich in protein but also have phytoestrogens which can help return the hormonal imbalance of oestrogen in the body. If you do not like the taste of Soybean then add products made out of it, like soymilk and tofu.


Vitamin C, E and B are the vitamins that must be high on your consumption list if you have been experiencing the hot flashes. Issue arises because hot flashes have a negative impact on Vitamins and reduction in Vitamins worsen the hot flashes furthermore.


Therefore, it becomes a vicious circle. The food items rich in the grade of these vitamins are oranges, Lemon, Fish, fish oil, Eggs, Almonds, Mango, Papaya and wheat bran.


Drink Lots Of Water

A lot of water is lost when you break out in sweat while having a hot flash. You need to replenish the water in the body. Also. water keeps your body hydrated and cool which can help you in combating the hot flashes. Make sure you drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water everyday. Before and after any light or heavy physical activity, consumption of a glass of water will reduce your chances of having hot flashes.

High Fibre Diet

Women with healthy weight and less fat deposits are less likely to experience the hot flashes. Even if it occurs, the intensity is much milder. Therefore, addition of high fibre diet like oats, wheat bran, corn flakes, whole wheat and whole grain is a great idea.

High Fibre Diet

Not only do these food items have almost zero fats but also help in absorbing and washing out the excess fat deposits in the body. Try to replace your refined flour with whole wheat flour and heavy oily breakfast with porridge, cornflakes or oats.