Natural Cures For Varicose Veins

Natural Cures For Varicose Veins Varicose veins is the bundling up and enlargement of veins under the skin. The veins get twisted and form lumpy mass. This condition can happen in any part of the body but it commonly found on legs. This condition is caused when valves of the veins that help in the blood flow do not work properly and the blood begins to collect in the veins creating pressure and consequent weakening of the veins.

It is found in persons whose work requires long standing time or desk job or lifting heavy luggage. Pregnant women and overweight people are also at a high risk of developing this condition. Varicose veins can show symptoms like heaviness and tenderness in the legs, pain and swelling. Mostly the symptoms are not shown and these veins do not pose medical issues.

Natural Ways To Cure Varicose Veins


Fish with high oil content of Omega3 acids is considered beneficial in fighting the varicose veins. These oils have blood thinning effect and therefore regulate the blood flow through the veins. They also help in breaking down the cholesterol which further smoothens the blood flow.


You can also include fish oil in your diet. Sea cod oil is also available in form of pill. Both the oil and fish have positive effects on the circulatory system.

Ginger & Onion

Ginger also has blood thinning properties and help in healthy blood circulation. It also regulates healthy blood pressure in the body further helping the blood flow.You can increase the amount of ginger in your diet by adding it for its flavour or just having it raw. Another way of having ginger is to have it infused in your daily tea. Onion also has blood thinning effect. Add it your diet with salads.

Yoga & Exercise

Yoga and exercise help in stimulating healthy blood supply in the body. If you suffer from varicose veins, indulge in exercises that involve the body part that is affected by this condition. Do not exert undue pressure. You can begin with low impact exercises regularly.

Front Plank exercise

Physical activity also strengthens the muscles and can therefore correct the weak spots in the valves of the veins. By stimulating the blood flow, they further ensure that the pressure of blood flow is right for the veins. Swimming and walking are ideal exercises for varicose veins.

High Fibre Diet

As earlier mentioned, this condition is not limited to legs and feet. Constipation can cause varicose veins in the anal area. They can either be internal or external. Therefore, attacking the causes of constipation can help with varicose veins in that area. Include Oats, wheat bran and barley in your diet.

Avoid and replace processed foods and refined flours that can cause the constipation to aggravate. However, it is important that the high fibre diet is coupled with enough intake of fluids in form of water and juices. The high fibre diet makes the stools bulky which makes it easier for it to get washed down the intestines without leaving any residue.

Regular Change In Position

Varicose veins are caused by continuous pressure on one part and absence of physical activity. Ensure that you do not sit or stand for a long time. Changing position every half an hour is recommended. Where you sit for along time, taking short walks after regular intervals is a great idea.

sleep well

While sleeping or sitting, elevate your legs, this helps the blood circulation and brings relief from varicose veins. Do not sit cross legged. Crossed legs are not good for blood circulation. In fact while sitting make sure that your feet are always planted on the floor.

Comfortable Clothing

If  you suffer from varicose veins, avoid tight clothing. Tight clothes can create pressure points in the body and interfere with the blood circulation. Airy and loose clothes should be worn at all time.

Skinny jeans and tights should be avoided completely. Even the clothing that is tight around the waist should not be worn. This will help not only in eliminating varicose veins but also avoiding it completely.

Water Retention

This condition can worsen with water retention. Intake of plenty of fluids or just plain water can alleviate the problem of water retention. Also look at reducing the consumption of salt in your diet. Salt encourages water retention in the body. Processed and junk food are also ricj source of salts, avoiding them can also help you get expeditious relief from varicose veins.

Natural Cures For Water Retention

Varicose veins is a very common condition. It is nothing to worry about unless you have been experiencing pain and general discomfort in your limbs or other affected areas on your body. The varicose veins in the anal tract can become bloody. In such cases it is necessary to consult a physician before the issue aggravates.