Natural Cures For Thyroid Nodules

Natural Cure For Thyroid Nodules When a lump arises within a normal the thyroid gland, it is called thyroid nodules. Iodine deficiency in a human body may lead to nodules as iodine is needed for the production of thyroxin. Swelling or inflammation of thyroid gland occurs due to Lack of thyroxin.

When the nodules become large or malignancy appeared it is removed by surgical operation. But apart from visiting doctors for medications of those people who suffered from the problems of thyroid nodules can try a natural cure for thyroid nodules which will help you get immediate relief. This article will let you know the various cures that can be found at your home that have high medicinal values are as follows:

Tips To Cure Thyroid Nodules Naturally

Proper Diet

Goitrogens -a substances in which thyroid is naturally inhibited. So One suffering from disease of thyroid gland should avoid taking of goitrogenic foods such as Brussels, rutabaga, sprouts, radish, broccoli, cabbage, soy millet, cauliflower, kale and turnip. You cannot eat sweetened ginseng juice. You should keep asparagus, pineapple, garlic, Oats that are gluten free, onion, navy beans, Himalayan salt, whole rice, watercress, tomatoes; strawberries for your regular diet as the iodine content of these foods are rich.

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One suffering from disease of thyroid gland is not allowed to take white sugar, white flour, fried and greasy food, caffeine, any kind of food that have high content of preservative and is condiments and alcohol. Eat those foods which are organic in nature and free from pesticide.

Yellow Colored Raw Foods

You have to take yellow colored raw food items such as carrot, pumpkin for better thyroid gland. You have to eat green vegetables that are leafy for the proper function of thyroid gland. They keep your thyroid glands safe.

Sources Of Tyrosine Amino Acid

For the production of thyroxin from iodine an amino acid named tyrosine is needed that is found from avocado, almonds, banana, pumpkin seed, and lentils. Metabolic activities in the body are related with the production of the thyroid hormones.

Eating Fish

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Fish with high content of iodine, sea food, parsley, meat, organic egg, can be eaten. This will help you a lot to reduce your thyroid nodules.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps to promote good metabolism. Intake of two tables spoon coconut oil daily or uses it with salad or for cooking purpose help to maintain proper metabolic rate.

Consuming Sea Weeds

A sea weed is bladder wrack a good source of iodine. It also content essential minerals like sodium, potassium, zinc and used for traditional treatment of hypo thyroids. It is supposed to stimulate the metabolism related to thyroid gland.

Adequate Sleep

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Adequate sleep is required for patient suffering from thyroid problem. They also need to avoid any kind of emotional stress.

Protecting Neck Areas

One suffering from disease of thyroid gland should stop use of perfume in the neck area. Every day drink I teaspoon bentonite clay with water or it can be used as a clay mask on your neck to absorb toxin.

Physical Exercises

Physical exercise such as pranayamas (breathing exercise.), kriyas (cleansing techniques) helps in thyroid gland problem.