Must Have Vintage Clothing And Accessories

vintage clothing and accessories Vintage accessories and clothing has seen a huge comeback in the last 2 years. For personalized styles and also for red carpet events, vintage clothing is sported by celebrities.

Moreover, only a fraction of the high-end designer prices have to be paid to purchase these spectacular vintage garments. How? Try out auction and garage sales or hunt in your granny’s or mom’s wardrobe.

Vintage Clothing And Accessories

Designers Sporting Vintage Clothing

Emma Watson, Kylie Minogue, Alexa Chung and Kate Moss have vintage styles that are trendsetting, and you can easily replicate them. An elegant and glamorous style from the past can be achieved with a few accessories.

For vintage styles, anything retro from the 70’s style and anything classic from the 20’s is being chosen by fashionistas. This gives you a myriad of choices.

This Season, The Top Favorite Vintage Clothing And Accessories Include

Vintage Lace Dolman Top

A wide neck can be found with a vintage lace dolman top. Curved can be accentuated with the fitted dropped waist and a modish silhouette can be achieved with the scalloped edges and the banded dropped waist.

Dolman Top

It can be worn with casual jeans or for an urban-chic look; a pencil skirt can also be worn.

Vintage Cocktail Dress

In Sex in the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, playing Carrie Bradshaw wore a Halston Heritage vintage piece. You can’t go wrong when it has been worn by the fashion diva. The twirl and twist is perfect for cocktails. Accessorize this hammered silk satin dress with a contrasting clutch. A curly vintage style haircut completes the look.

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Vintage Trench Coats

Animal friendly replicas are quite hot even though furs might be a faux pas. Go for elegant velvets, classic camels or even classic vintage trench coats having fuzzy collars.

Vintage Earrings

The right pairs of accessories such as jewelry and shoes are needed for a girl’s every outfit. Your garment can be stylized with minimal effort through earrings. Hoop earrings have been flaunted by celebrities such as Kate Moss and Oprah Winfrey.


Your clubbing outfit can be glamorized with them as they never go out of style. They look simply wow even if they are the size of bangles. Go for a pair of black hope earrings that boasts of rhodium finish. Something studded with black diamonds that make them sparkle looks great with club wear.

Vintage Hair Styles

Complete the look with a vintage hair style. From 1920’s to the 60’s, the vintage hairstyle era prevailed. In the 20’s there were bobs that eventually transformed to loose waves and glamorous curls in pony tails. Today, people still imitate the finger waves of Greta Garbo, the retro bob of Gloria Swanson and the wavy bob styles of Clara Bows.

Only recently, Paris Hilton boasted the curly and short blonde retro hair style of Marilyn Monroe. For easy setting, roll hairs when they are semi-wet. As indicated by the instructions on the box, leave the roller on.

To get that Marilyn Monroe look, take a side party if you have short hair. The ponytail up-do with a slight puff can be ideal for longer hair. Simplistic hairstyles like beach waves can be accomplished with the 60’s Beehive and Bouffant styles. Get the look by loosening the curls with your fingers.