6 Most Effective Treatments For Stretch Marks

Effective Treatments For Stretch Marks

Treatments for stretch marks are required to get rid of the stretch marks, which are known as the scars on your body. These are marks that can happen because of excessive skin stretching. The basic causes of stretch marks, include pregnancy and these can also be caused due to weight gain or due to muscle enlargement.

It should be remembered that stretch mark removal are vital for those who work out vigorously. The growth of your muscles suddenly can lead to a lot of marks. Hence, these stretch mark removal methods are vital to do away with the risk of your skin not being able to lodge their mass. Stretching of the skin results in stretch marks formation and thus the suggested methods are required.

Treatments For Stretch Marks

1. Cocoa Butter Treatment

Some of the simple ways to for stretch mark removal is to apply cocoa butter on the affected area. This happens because cocoa butter contains very nourishing and moisturizing properties and works by deeply penetrating the skin. The result is that you would find skin which is agile and supple while getting rid of marks. Stretch mark removal methods are required as the skin also moves with your muscles instead of causing more friction. Application of cocoa butter on the stretch marks is suggested at least twice daily for stretch mark removal.

2. Silicone Sheets

Another suggestion for stretch mark removal is to attach silicone scar healing sheets to the marks. You have to leave these sheets in the required region for a period of at least one week, prior to removal. An affective stretch mark removal treatment is devised through the silicone that penetrates the skin and helps to fade these marks.

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3. Skin Exfoliating Treatments

Stretch mark removal can be done by exfoliating your skin twice per week with the use of a body scrub and loofah. This is an effective stretch mark removal method and helps to clear marks by buffing away dead skin cells.
This also aids new skin cells to produce more rapidly and help in stretch mark removal by removing and replacing the stretched and damaged cells. These methods are ideal for getting rid of these marks.

4. Scar Treatment Creams

Stretch mark removal is possible by applying creams that are made for healing scars and spots. You can avoid these marks with the help of onion extracts, which are vital ingredients in these creams. This stretch mark removal needs to be rubbed onto the area at least twice a day, for a period of 2-3 months.

5. Laser Therapy

You can also use laser therapy as a stretch mark removal method. This laser treatment is a simple stretch mark removal mean for treating these marks. It targets the skin by breaking up scar tissue and helps in stretch mark removal. The entire process of stretch mark removal is not very complex and you need to understand that it has to be done gradually so be patient.

6. Vitamin E And Zinc Supplements

For stretch mark removal you need to eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Remember, apt nutrition is vital for stretch mark removal and scarring. Vitamin E and zinc supplements should be consumed as they help in stretch mark removal.