Most Effective And Easiest Spa Pedicure At Home

Effective And Easiest Spa Pedicure At HomeYou always dream to be beautiful, elegant and attractive. In this crave for beauty, you generally neglect your feet, thinking that who is going to notice. But I do not believe that. Actual beauty reflects from your body as a whole, without leaving the toes and the toenails alone. Neat and clean toes and well shaped nails not only give confidence to you but as well a bounce to your beauty.

I am not at all asking you to pay a high charge to the corner parlor for a relaxing spa pedicure. You can do it yourself in the comfort of your home. You need not be an expert for following the procedure. I will be pleased to list down the simple steps of spa pedicure which you can follow at ease. You can have beautiful, soft, clean and attractive toes and fingers at no cost at all. Here we start with the steps:-

Easiest Spa Pedicure Tips

Collect The Instruments And Things

You must be wondering, why did I mention this point. It has got a reason. Once you start with the process it will not allow you to take a break. So, it is better that you gather all the instruments required prior to the process.

Collect The Instruments And Things

You will need the instruments like nail filer, cuticle nipper, cotton ball, nail brush (optional), pumice stone and nail cutter. You also need to bring your home made scrub and mask, olive oil etc. and keep it near you.

Already Applied Nail Polish Removal

Next step is the easiest step. Make yourself comfortable on your most favorite chair and start removing your old nail polish with the help of nail remover. This step is mandatory, as old nail paint will not allow the nails to be cleaned properly. Thus, I would suggest you to clean them properly.

Cutting And Shaping The Nails

After cleaning the nails, you need to cut them to the desired size with the help of toe nail cutter. Too much long toe nails are never advised as it is more prone to cracking or breaching. Shaping the nails is a critical process.

cutting toe nails

Use the nail filer for the same, but do keep in mind that you have to use it in forward direction only. Forward and backward movement causes dents and ruptured edges.

Cuticle Softener

Apply any kind of oil or cream to soften the cuticles before soaking. I would recommend you to use olive oil. Take two drops of olive oil and apply it on a toenail. Repeat this process for every finger and then you are ready for the next step.

Soaking Process

soaking of feet

Now is the step of soaking. The spa of the feet is about to begin. Make a foot bath with hot water, one pouch of shampoo, salt, small amount of olive oil and antiseptic liquid. Dip your feet for about 20 minutes in the prepared solution and listen to a soothing music for relaxing.

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Tackling The Cuticles

You just need to use a cuticle nipper or take a toothpick and wrap a small amount of cotton on its one end. The latter is as efficient as cuticle nipper. First of all pat dry your feet. Push the overgrown cuticles with the help of the cuticle nipper or the instrument you prepared. You can also cut the extra cuticles with the help of cuticle trimmer.


Scrubbing Feet

Make a home scrubber which will help you to remove the dead skin up to some extent. Take some amount of sand and mix it with fresh cream and liquid soap or shampoo. Apply it generously on the toes and use hard hand to scrub off the dead skin.

Pumice Stone Care

Once you have used your home made scrub, you need to go to the final stage of scrubbing with the help of pumice stone. Soak the pumice stone in the feet bath solution for 30 seconds and then rub it on the lower side of the foot and the toe to remove the left over dead skin. Do it for the other foot too. Take care that the movement of the pumice stone should be in circular motion only.

Healthy Foot Mask

As you scrub your feet for removing the dead skins, moisture also gets removed. To satiate the need of moisture and nutrients of your feet, you need to treat it with a healthy home made mask. It is very easy to make.

Just take two to three mashed bananas, mix them with approximately one fourth cup of honey and 15 to 20 drops of olive oil. Apply it on both the feet downside as well as on the upper side and keep them like that for about 20 minutes. Then rinse and pat them dry.

Foot Message And Moisturizing

Foot Message

In this step you will give your toes a nice and relaxing message by taking few drops of olive oil on your palm. You just need to message the feet and lower side of the toes gently to relax. Let the feet absorb the oil. This will give your feet a soft touch. You need to message both the feet for 5 five minutes each.

Applying Nail Paint/ Polish

Take cotton ball and clean the extra moisturizer on the toe nails before applying the nail paint. I always do this, so that the nail paint gets over the nails nicely. Choose the color you want to wear and very carefully apply the nail color on the nails and let them dry. Above, I have tried to elaborate the easiest process of spa pedicure which you can adopt at home. Following them will give you soft and supple feet. Try it.