5 Ingenious Makeup Tricks That Perfectly Conceals Dark Circles

Everybody wants to have a flawless and beautiful skin. But, unfortunately most of the time it is not possible for them. There are lots of skin problems can happen on your skin due to various reasons. And the most common problem among the people is the under eye dark circles on your face, which actually ruins the beauty of your face. If you have such under eye dark circles on your face you can notice that every time your face looked tired.

Dark Circles can occur due to various reasons. Lack of sleep or hard work can lead to dark circles.
Now a day almost every people live a hectic and stressful life, which is also a reason behind under eye dark circles. Dark circles can occur due to genetic reasons also. But, don’t worry so much. You can hide your dark circles through makeup. So, just go through this article and know how to conceal under eye dark circles.

Below Are The Makeup Tricks That Perfectly Conceals Dark Circles:

1. Use Foundation To Hide Your Dark Circles

This the best way to hide any type of minor marks in your skin. If you have a little dark circle on your skin you can use it on your skin. To conceal it first chose a foundation makeup which matches with your skin tone. Do not choose a lighter one, as after application it will look artificial as it not matches with your skin tone. Apply foundation makeup in small drops on your skin and then use a makeup sponge to spread it on your skin. Do it carefully so that all the facial area get well covered with liquid foundation makeup.


2. Apply Concealer On Dark Circles

Then apply concealer on your under eye dark circles to hide it. Always buy a concealer which is one shade lighter than your actual skin tone. It helps you to hide the darker under eye area and matches with the skin tone. Apply concealer with your finger and carefully dab it with your thumb so that it can get mixed with the foundation. You can also use pancake instead of concealer to hide your dark circles.


3. Apply Translucent Powder

After that apply translucent powder on your whole face carefully. Use a puff or brush to apply powder. Use more powder in the under eye area to hide the concealer. The brush stroke will be in one side so that it can hide concealer in a well manner. i.e. the strokes will be outwards side of your face.


4. Apply Liner In Thinner Strokes

If you have under eye dark circles use thinner eyeliner strokes instead of a thicker one. It will define your eyes well without highlighting under eye area. If you use thick lines then it will soil your look, by providing you tired eyes.


5. Do Not Use Kohl Pencil

Try to avoid kohl pencil for your eye makeup if you have such under eye dark circles. It will make the dark circles highlighted making it darker and also makes your looks tired.