Makeup Tips To Hide Pimples

Makeup Tips To Hide Pimples Makeup is the most important part of the whole wardrobe. In fact the way you dress can go in vain if you have your makeup done at its best. For every lady or woman, makeup plays a very important role, be it any function or party. But what if you have marks or pimples on your face? That is when most of us panic and tell ourselves “I think I should rather cancel going to the party”.
Why to sacrifice your enjoyment and social get together after a silly pimple on your face? It is rather silly to opt not to go to a party just because of a mark or dot on your face! In fact hiding it in a better and natural way is the best option. This can be done with the help of following few tips and products –

How to Hide Pimples with Makeup

Perfect and the Best

In order to remove pimples that make the region around it on skin red and make your face look bad, the best way to hide them is to make use of products from companies and stores available online itself. Using natural stuff is also preferable but as far as hiding the pimples is concerned, this is where you require the hiding makeup to catch hold of the skin of your face where the pimple is and the natural product or material does not catch hold of the skin for a longer time as compared to the branded products available in market.

And perhaps these branded products are specifically used for hiding pimples, redness or scars of the skin especially of the face. Apply cheek shades on both of your lips. Take care that you apply proper foundation on the skin before you apply make up. Then use, blush on the parts where the pimples exist. It would help you to hide them.

Product for You

All in all there is no harm in using such products. Coming to the companies and online stores that provide such products, the most common and generally used stores are Amazon and Makeup geek store. Although out of the two Amazon is the one that is not only specifically for Makeup but also popular for other selling and buying stuff.

What we are concerned about is of course Makeup material. As far as the makeup products sold by these stores in order to hide pimples are concerned, some of them are as follows –

• Primer from Amazon
• Concealer from Amazon
• Powder puff from Makeup geek store
• Rice powder from Makeup geek store


Makeup Tips To Hide Pimples

Out of the most products used, the best tool in order to hide pimples is concealer. As the name suggests, concealer is used to conceal something and that ‘something’ here is the pimple on the face or dark circle under the eye etc. Although this makeup tool is generally used to hide the dark circles under the eyes, but it can be very well used to hide pimples of the skin as well.

Concealer is something that needs to be applied not only before the application of foundation on the face but also after the application of the foundation. This makes the hiding more natural and perfect. It can be used to hide not only the pimples on the face but also the redness and dark circles under the eyes.

Generally the green, orange and purple coloured concealers are used for makeup or rather hiding makeup. Different colours are suitable to use at specific places on the face, some of the instances could be as follows –

• Under the eye ( dark circles) – yellow or orange
• Redness on skin – green
• Sallow complexions – purple

It is always advisable to not to swipe or wipe the concealer, rather dabbing or patting is the best method of application. Swiping or wiping would rather make the pimple more noticeable. Hence using these tips and products in the best possible right manner can make your face look as natural and clean as the one without pimple.