Makeup Tips for Woman with Black/Dark Skin

black women Makeup can practically enhance the features of dark women. Since dark is a unique complexion, a different range of beauty and styling is required.

The intelligent use of products and colors can extrude the hidden beauty of black women. Striking features are the USP’s of black women; thus, correct black women makeup is the one that highlights the beauty spots (features) of black/dark women.

Quick Guide to Black Women Makeup

Apply Face Powder

Dark women usually have oily skin. Thus, application of face powder is the basic step to a good makeup. The application of face powder removes excessive traces of oil. This is necessary, since excessive traces of oil can make you look even darker than your actual complexion.

face powder

Therefore, it is advisable to properly cover the face with face powder. The shade of the face powder should match with the shade of your skin. There are various face powders that range from dusky powders to dark and wheatish ones. Accordingly, you must select the one that best complements your complexion. Face powder also offers a strong grip and base, and the makeup stays for long.

Use Concealer

The general use of concealer in makeup is hiding the blemishes of the skin. However, concealer makeup is of high importance in black women. This is because concealer brightens the skin. Dark skin reveals more imperfections and patches. Therefore, concealer should be an integral makeup part for dark skin.


It perfectly hides all the blemishes and the skin looks two to three shades lighter. It offers a smooth sheen and perfect seam to the face. Though, even fair skin is prone to imperfections, but they are not as visible as they become in dark skin. Hence, the proper use of concealer offers a radiant look.

Application of Cream Foundation

Instead of a lotion foundation, black women should stick to using cream foundations. The cream based foundations are generally non greasy. This is an important factor, since any greasy substance can make black women look blacker than they actually are. Thus, a cream based foundation should be used.

applying concealer

The cream based foundations offer many variations. You must select a foundation depending upon your complexion. Such foundations are available in the lightest shade of dusk and the darkest shades too. Therefore, always patch test the foundation and select the one that naturally blends with your skin.

Smoky Eye Makeup

Eyes and lips are the two most striking features of black women. Smoky eye makeup adds sex appeal and hotness factor in darker women. Such eyes look steaming hot, when the makeup is bright and vibrant. The use of slate highlighter brightens the eyelid linings. This offers a curvy shape to the eyes.

Smoky eyes

Thus, the eyes look bigger and brighter. Once a curvy shape is carved using a bright highlighter, it is time to use a rusty or glittering metallic eye shadow. The eyes look smudgy when the portion just above the eyelids is filled seamlessly with such colors. The upper areas should either be filled with lighter natural colors completing the dress or they should be left empty. Such dark eyes look even more mysterious on black women.

Dark Lip Makeup

Lip makeup is yet another powerful makeup mantra to impart sexy hotness in dark women. However, the use of colors makes a huge difference. They either make the complete look or completely break the look. The use of colors like vibrant pink and dark red are a strict no for dark women.

Dark Lip makeup

Such colors do not blend naturally with dark skin. Thus, they look awkward. The different shades of brown and russet are perfect for black women. Thick and deep lip lining adds more mystery and spice to the makeup art. Before applying lipstick, lip balm should be applied. This is because black women lips are twice more delicate than fairer women lips. They can lose their moisture within no time. Therefore, lip balm should be applied before applying lipstick.

Nail Art

Nails are an eminent part of a woman’s beauty. You have limited variations to play with, if you have a dark skin. This is because deep red and different shades of green and pink will never suite you.

nail art

Therefore, stick to natural nail paints. They look the best on your hands, since they look real. You can always apply a sheet of colorless nail paint over the natural colored nail paint to increase the sheen.

All you need to do is apply all the products in a single stroke. The better the precision, the enhanced your features look. Makeup is just an art of highlighting the striking features.