Makeup Tips For Looking Younger

Makeup Tips For Looking Younger Make-up is so not use severeessential for women not only to look pretty and attractive, but there are times when you are not ready to be presentable, so you have to disguise your actual self with make-up. No matter what your age, skin type and tone is, right makeup can enhance the features pretty well.

For many, makeup is the trick for the glow and youthful look they always carry. Here are some right makeup tips to get the blush and glow of the youth. Check them out and follow regularly: –

Younger Looking Makeup Tips


Covering up the dark spots is a basic art in any field. So makeup is no exception. Use the correct tone of concealer to enhance the fineness of the skin and hide the dark patches of tan on the forehead, under eye circles, or the sides of nose and lips.

Concealers For Dark Spots

Use, camouflage; the dry form of concealer that doesn’t make skin oily; blend well. Do not overdo. Also use some concealer on the neck and ears for a perfect overall blend.

Enhance Eyes

Use eye-pencils instead of liquid liners. They add depth and enhance the features. If you have droopy looking lids, shape up and blend the liners towards the upper outer corner to give an upbeat. For those with bulging eyes, avoid very thick liners, it makes eyes more prominent than other features.

Avoid using silver or bronze in huge quantities if you have eyes that are darker to the rest of the face. Use preferably black or darker kohl below the eyes to complete the look.

Thicken The Brows

Thick brows are a sign of youthfulness. It is essential to correctly thicken the brows using outward strokes. Use neutral or natural shade and avoid excessive darkening for a natural look.

Herbal Recipe To Dry Eyebrows Naturally

Above all, apply castor oil and leave overnight for natural growth and thickness of eye brows. Also, when using masks and face packs, avoid applying on the eyebrows, dry masks removal may lead to breaking of brows.


To get a lifted look, brush neutral shade blush-on right on the top of the cheekbone, at the highest point. Apply blusher in circular motion and use shades of the same tone, darker on the top and lighter towards the in-side of the face. Use shades of bronze, apricot and warm pinks for a fresh and young look. Remember not to use very dark shades or over-do these natural shades. A lot of contrast may make you appear older than you are.

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Right Shade For The Lips

Lips are the most accentuating feature on a woman’s face after the eyes. Doing your lips right is a key to the overall look. Mature skins have thinner lips, therefore dark shades of lipsticks are a sheer no no. So not use severe colors like peaches and oranges, they make teeth appear yellow.

How To Make Your Lips Fuller

Choose fleshy colors or rosy-reds for a flattering look. And save it in your mind forever, lipstick without any other makeup makes you look older than what you look like naturally.