3 Makeup Tips And Tricks To Hide A Big Nose

A big nose can cause a lot of embarrassment for someone. While there are many ways in which you can make your nose slimmer such as plastic surgeries, these methods can often have a number of side effects and cost a bomb as well. A quick and easy way of hiding a big nose is by using makeup. Simple makeup tips and tricks using foundation, highlighter and powder can hide the imperfections of the nose and make it look the way you always wanted it to be. Here are some simple tips that can help you do just that.

How To Hide A Big Nose With Makeup

1. Clean Your Face

Use a gentle foaming face wash to clean your face. Oils and dirt can make the makeup fade faster than usual. If you have blackheads on your nose then it is a good idea to use a gentle, exfoliating scrub for removing them as makeup will only accentuate the ugly blackheads and whiteheads on your nose.

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2. Makeup For Big, Wide Nose

Apply a light mineral foundation over your face. Use a foundation brush or a sponge to blend the color well. Now you have to choose the makeup technique based on whether your nose is too wide or too long. For big, wide nose use a lighter shade of foundation or even a light colored highlighter and apply it on the sides of the nose. This contouring technique helps in making the nose appear slimmer due to the lines of dark and light tones of makeup.

Blend it with your foundation using face powder so that there are no harsh lines on the face. Now use a darker highlighter preferably a tan shade and apply it from the top of the nose to the tip of the nose. Blend it well on the sides so that the lines between the dark and light colors are properly diffused. The dark color will make the nose appear shorter while the light colors on the side will make it appear much slimmer.

3. Makeup For Long Nose

If you have a big, long nose then you can use makeup to make it look shorter. Just apply a dot of lighter shade of concealer or highlighter on the tip of the nose and a darker shade under the bridge of your nose. Blend the colors well so that your long nose appears shorter and smaller. Finish off by applying face powder and other makeup. Along with this you will need to highlight your lips or the eyes so as to draw attention away from your nose.

Smoky eye makeup with nude lips or a neutral eye makeup with smoldering red lips is a great way of diverting attention away from the big nose. You will also need to contour the cheekbones and the jaws. These simple tips can help you hide your imperfections with ease. With practice you will soon be able to perfect the technique of contouring the nose and make it appear shorter and slimmer.