4 Makeup Tips And Tricks For Redheads

4 Makeup Tips And Tricks For Redheads

If you have fair skin and red hair, picking out beauty products and makeup to suit your hair color and complexion can be quite challenging. Even if your hair is not naturally red, and you have dyed your hair in a red shade, you will face the same problem as the natural redheads face.

Makeup Tips For Redheads

1. Eye Shadow Shades

If you are a redhead, the following shades of eye shadow would look good on your skin and make your eyes pop out. If you have green eyes, shades like plums and pinks would be best suited for you as they red undertones and would suit both your red hair and eye color.

Women with hazel eyes should go for mauve shades, gold-flecked, champagne and jewel toned eye shadows. On the same lines, those with blue eyes can choose peaces and gold based colors with orange undertones. Women with brown eyes can go for any color as almost all colors work wonderfully on brown eyes.

2. Lips Colors And Blushes

The following lip and blush colors are best suited for red haired women:

Brown based reds such as toast or blue based reds like brick shades of blushes and lipsticks add a lot of warmth to the complexion of redhead women and bring out the depth of their skin tone and look incredible. On the other hand, yellow and golden corals or gold based red shades such as tawny peaches and apricots also look great. If you are looking for intense colors, go for purpose or blue based reds as they look spectacular on redheads.

3. Lashes And Eye Brows

When it comes to eyelashes and eyebrows, stick to taupe pencils but you can play around with a variety of mascara shades. Use a light auburn or taupe eyebrow pencil to fill in and shape your eyebrows.

If you don’t have an eyebrow pencil, you can do the same with your eye shadow as well. When it comes to the lashes, go for eggplant, copper and brown mascaras. To get a more glamorous and smokier look, go for black mascara.

4. Foundations And Concealers

The first thing you need to do in order to pick out the right kind of makeup products for you is to understand whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. The best way to test this is to look at the veins near your wrist on the inner arm. If the veins appear blue-green, it means that you have a cool skin tone whereas if they appear blue-purple, you have a warm skin tone.

A redhead with a warm skin tone should go for a concealer or foundation with peach or yellow based shades. On the other hand, a cool toned redhead should go for a concealer and foundation with porcelain pink or neutral base. Also it is important to remember that most of the redheads experience a change in skin tone between the winter and summer months.

So it would be a good idea to have different shades of foundation for both the seasons as well. Allow the freckles to peak out through the foundation as well. This is important because most of the redheads have pink undertones on the skin that can appear ruddy. You can cancel out the redness of the freckles using yellow based foundations and concealers.

In the summer time, go for tinted moisturizers with a slightly warm shade instead of foundations to emphasize the color of the freckles. The shade of the moisturizer should be anywhere between your underlying skin tone and the color of the freckles. On the other hand, during winter months, you can emphasize your skin tone using a thicker foundation and moisturizer.