5 Home Remedies For Increasing Hair Thickness

Home Remedies For Increasing Hair Thickness

Is there any  man or a  woman in particular who does not like having thick, long and luscious hair? The answer is a simple no. Hair is one aspect that adds to a person’s personality. Many women in this world love to maintain their tresses and hence go to a great extent in maintaining their hair. They even resort to the most expensive treatments to bring life to their damaged hair and hence aim to look for ways to make their hair more voluminous and thick.

While some treatments do work to some extent some may fail and the person may end up feeling sad and depressed for being unable to achieve success in trying to make their hair look beautiful. While trying to start a treatment for hair one must take  care to choose the right treatment wisely which could yield results. Although hair growth and increasing thickness of hair is a tough task it is definitely not impossible.

Before trying any expensive treatment which may or may not work it is advisable to start with some simple home remedies to achieve some success. Home remedies are considered to be the safest and most natural to try out as atleast this way we can save our hair from getting exposed to a variety of harmful and harsh chemicals which could be used as a part of the treatment. This may only lead to damaging the hair further.

Home Remedies For Increasing Hair Thickness

1. Egg Mixture

This single item from your kitchen can do wonders for  your hair in an instant. Egg is considered to be a rich source of all important nutrients like folic acid, proteins, vitamins , zinc and iron. Egg is surely a vital item that can promote hair growth to a great extent. To prepare egg mixture all you need is an egg. You can choose to break the egg and separate the egg white from the yolk or you can simply mix the 2 parts together into a bowl.

Beat it nicely and apply it to your hair. Let it dry for around an hour and rinse it off using your favorite shampoo so that the smell goes away. This method can be tried once a week to get best results. This method will surely make your hair healthy, strong and leave it  shining always.

2. Olive Oil, Honey And Yoghurt Mix

This mixture is a great way to give your hair the essential nutrients that are required to give the hair great volume. All you need to do to prepare this mixture is to add a teaspoon each of olive oil, honey and yoghurt to a bowl. Mix it well and apply to your hair.

You can also try a mix and match of the mixture by replacing yoghurt with cream. Leave the mixture on your hair for an hour or so and then wash off. This method  should be tried atleast twice a week to get the desired results. This mixture is a great way to help solve hair loss problem.

3. Diet

No matter which home remedy you try, nothing can beat having a balanced diet. Such a diet should contain essential amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals and other nutrients all of which will go a long way to add the required thickness to your hair. Vitamins especially biotin are very important as it is food for the hair.

Eating biotin rich foods like eggs, meat and meat products, poultry, liver,  fish, milk, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower,beans and so on will surely give you the long, luscious hair you have always  been craving for. Although there is no evidence but biotin is said to treat a hair loss problem seen especially in children called Alopecia Areata. Hence diet should be given the first priority before trying any other treatment.

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4. Aloe Vera

Another great ingredient for the hair is Aloe Vera. Take a leaf or 2 of aloe vera and extract the gel out of it. Now apply it on the scalp and let it dry for sometime and then wash off. This is one of the most natural methods that can be tried to get that luscious and thick hair that you have desired.You can also try adding aloe vera to the egg mixture and applying to the scalp.

5. Avocados And Banana Mixture

Avocados are said to be extremely rich in vitamin A,B and E. This fruit makes the scalp clean and healthy and definitely helps in adding volume to thin hair. Try making a paste by mashing 1 banana with 1 Avocado. Apply it to your hair and let it dry for around 30 minutes. Wash it off after that and then  see the magic that follows.

These home remedies are some great ways to make your hair lustrous and thick just by sitting in the comfort of your house. Increasing stress, changing environmental conditions and  genetics are all factors which could also cause hair loss problems, hence these should also be taken care of.