Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women And Its Causes

Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women And Its Causes  Loss of sexual interest also known as low sex drive or libido is a common problem that is faced by a lot of women. Researches show that half the women population at some point or the other in their lives start losing interest in sexual relationships and don’t feel that urge and excitement as compared to men. For any steady relationship and a smooth partnership with your man, it is always important to have a healthy and active sex life.

Until and unless you have the ability to keep your partner satisfied there can be a lot of serious issues popping out in the relation. To maintain a good sexual health you really need to follow some tips and tricks.

You need not worry about the low libido since there are loads of natural solutions and home remedies that safely and effectively help you to improve the sexual desire.

These are even affordable in nature and give you outcomes in just a couple of weeks. However, if you really need to adhere to some solutions, you firstly need to know the causes and reasons attached with the problem.

Here in this sex health guide we mention all the physical and emotional causes that can be associated with loss of sexual interest in women

Reasons For Low Sexual Drive And Interest In Women


One of the significant reasons for loss of sexual interest is women is because of anemic body.

Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women And Its Causes

Herein, the body loses iron nutrient during menstruation. This leads to lower libido in them.

Health Ailments

There are certain health problems and conditions that can result in low sexual desire in women. For example, diabetes has shown such a condition in women according to many researches.

Situations of serious health ailments like cancer can also lead to such conditions.

On the other hand, pregnancy phase is another part of a woman’s life where she loses sexual curiosity.

Certain Medications

Medicines are known to have after effects on the body.

Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women And Its Causes

In women, a lot of medications if consumed on a regular basis can lead to reduction of libido which makes them stay away from sexual interest.

Crisis In The Sexual Organs

Sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, syphilis, genital warts and vaginal issues like dryness, itching, irritation, scars and infections are some of the basic causes for all those who are observing a loss in sexual intercourse. Cysts in the uterus and other medical conditions and crisis related to the sexual organs can be cited as one of the reasons.

Emotional Stress

A lot of times, crisis in close relationships and sudden change like divorces or death can lead to a lot of mental pressure and stress on the woman.

Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women And Its Causes

This can be a major and instant cause of losing interest in sexual partnerships. Women tend to believe in emotional satisfaction in a relationship for maintaining sexual desires.

Alcoholism And Smoking

These are two of the bad habits that if followed regularly can actually lead to reduction of sexual drives not only in women but equally in men. Stay away from excessive alcohol consumption and smoking if you see yourself in such a situation.