crepe paper skin on face You might notice that as you gain over fifty years of age, your skin would have a lot of fine wrinkles on the surface, especially on the face, neck and on the hands offering it a papery look.

This is due to the fact that your skin becomes very thin as you age and hence give it a crêpe look. This crepe papery look would also sometimes occur at a very young age due to some causes, such as, solar keratosis, pigmentation or sun spots.

Some of the common areas that might be affected are such as face, neck, hands and between the busts. There are various crepe paper skin treatments that are available and performed by professionals to lift the wrinkles and restores elasticity to the drooping facial muscles.

Crepe Paper Treatment For Skin

Expensive Crepe Paper Skin Treatment

Derma Fillers

Opting for dermal fillers is a wiser choice as it is highly popular for its juvederm or restalyne type of hyaluronic acid helps in facelifts and helps to erase wrinkles. For more severe wrinkles, folds or droops you can opt for the heavier filler called the radiesse that helps to achieve fuller cheeks and to improve the contour area of the face.

When compared between the two, radiesse fillers are more efficient and offer long lasting effects. This derma filler treatment is also the best for hands as it enables the collagens to grow and eliminates the matured look of your skin.

CO2 Laser Treatment

There are also co2 laser treatments that are a part of fractional laser treatment that ensures that the sagging, discoloration and brown spots are erased from the surface of the skin.

co2 laser skin treatment

This treatment requires lasers to penetrate very deep into the skin layers thereby requiring a long period of recovery time.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

For very young people with crepe skin opting for the Fraxel laser treatment would be ideal as it helps to eradicate scars, skin damage or fine lines. After you take up this treatment you would be advised to wear sun block lotion during all seasons. This crepe paper skin treatment is expensive and the cost might vary depending on the size of the skin and your location.

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Inexpensive Crepe Paper Skin Treatment

Retin A And TCA Peel

There are also other cheaper options of crepe paper skin treatment available, that are namely professional peels such as Retin A and TCA peel.

TCA peels

There are various strengths of Retin A formulations that can be used only by prescription. These creams or gels are effective but have some side effects in a few people such as skin irritation, flaking or redness. There are also professional TCA peels that are very effective but needs a bit of recovery time to heal.

Vitamin C Serum

You can also try Vitamin C serums that contain pure vitamin C crystals filled with antioxidants and induce cell growth.

Copper Peptides

If you are a fan of peptides then you can opt for the copper peptides as this treatment would involve remodeling and repairing of your skin. This way healthy new cell develops in the place of the old damaged ones. It is great treatment even for the eyes and is popular among many.

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