Let Others Be Envious Of Your Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup Eyes are the always open to experimentation when it comes to make-up. You can never think of anything but the eyes if you want to add a dash of dramatic touch to your overall look. Eyes give you ample space to try out striking make-up ways and make them look even more attractive than ever.

The best thing with eyes is that the more you try to add glam to it, the more beautiful they tend to become. All you need to do is take your cosmetics out and start to apply giving them a different look each time.  With this you will never find yourself short of ideas of applying different style of make-up on them.

One Style Of Eye Make-Up–For All Occasions

Among numerous styles of eye make-ups like Smokey eyes make-up, casual eye make-up and even winged eye makeup cat eyes is the most sought after. The foremost reason is that cat eye style goes quite well with your everyday routine and also for particular occasions like evening parties.

Tips For Cat Eye Makeup

If you have mastered this style of eye makeup you need not worry about the rest. Not only do this style of eye makeup give you a chic look, but it also uses less make up products, is hassle free, and can be done quickly as well.

Add A Dash Of Chic Attitude With Cat-Eyes Look

Waterproof Eyeliner For Inner Rims Of Eyes

To get a cat eye style of makeup done you need to pick a water proof eyeliner pencil or roller eye liner first. Now gently pull your upper eyelid with your forefinger and draw a line on the inner rim of your eye lid with the water proof pencil eyeliner so that it doesn’t wash away quickly. After you are done with that repeat the same with your lower inner lash line or water line of the eyes as well.

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Jet Black Eye Liner For Striking Impression

Now make use of a gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner or even jet black pencil eyeliner to draw a line on your upper lash line. Since pencil eye liner is easy to apply you may use that. While you draw the line on your upper lash line start from the inner edges running to the outer edges forming a 45 degree angle towards the brow line at the end.

eye liner

If you are not sure of drawing an angle you can make use of the adhesive tape as well. Take a piece of small tape and paste in underneath your eyes angled towards your eyebrows and then apply the liner along it. Next is the turn of your lower lash line. Make use of the same eyeliner that you used for drawing a line on your upper lash line.

Firstly fill in the inner rim line of your eyes or water line with the pencil eyeliner and then draw a thin line on the lower lash line extending it outwards to meet the edge of the wing drawn on the upper lash line. If you see any gap between the two lines meeting, don’t hesitate at all to fill it with the pencil eyeliner to add another level of dramatic touch to it. This would only make you eyes look wider and bigger.

Amplify Your Cat Eyes With False Lashes

After you are done with applying the liner on your eyes, you can add a dramatic touch to your eyes by making use of false eyelashes. These will add length and volume to your eyes making them have a mysterious dept and resonating impact on the onlooker. Now that you have known a universal and all time ready make-up style for eyes, don’t forget to apply the same time and again!