Latest Pakistani Fashion This Spring 2013

Fashion and trends are something that holds quite a significant position in the lives of people all around the globe. Gone are the days when style was restricted either to the fairer sex or the high status people. Today, fashion is an integral part of everyone’s life.

However, fashion is highly prone to change and you need to keep yourself updated every year to maintain that attractive personality. Fashion also differs from region to region and country to country. For those who are looking for latest Pakistani fashion trends in 2013, can go through this guide below and get the best ideas in hand. Follow them with ease and make heads turn this spring 2013: –

Spring Trends For 2013

Color Of The Season

Pakistani Fashion in green

In Pakistan, the spring color this year is emerald. It is the color for freshness and vividness as well as luxury. You can choose various shades of green and get different looks.

Appliqué And Cutwork Is In

Along with the color trend, this spring 2013, make sure you are totally into the appliqué and cutwork. Appliqué not only has a traditional effect on the wearer but also classically fashionable. Appliqué and cutwork can also be done on shirts to make it look trendier.

Shalwar Is Back

Shalwar kameez is the ‘in’ thing this spring for Pakistani fashion. It not only offers you a good fashionable appearance in different cuts and styles but also gives you the comfort factor.

Shalwar Is Back

It might have been out of trend in the past couple of years, but now it is back with a bang. This is especially valid for older women who do not feel much comfortable in jeans and pajamas.

Combination Of Dark And Light

Another of the spring trend for Pakistani fashion is the overlapping fashion of dark colors with light colors. This is one fashion trend that has always been followed in the country and will always be.

Beads And Buttons For Spring Trend

This year 2013, the spring trend states the use of beads and buttons on clothing. This is especially valid for shirts.

Beads And Buttons For Spring Trend

A lot of designers in Pakistan and that too the famous ones have been seen using lace work, beads and buttons in the collection this spring. The use of lace is one fashion idea that will be followed in the seasons and years to come.

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Foot Wear For Spring 2013

For the footwear this spring 2013 in Pakistani fashion, comfortable and easy to wear trends are in. Heels are also back in the trend, specifically pencil heels.

Foot Wear For Spring 2013

Flat pumps are recommended for those women who are tall. These are some of the fashion ideas for footwear this spring 2013 which will remain the same for the coming seasons as well.

Bag Trends For Spring 2013

A clutch or a handbag is recommended for the spring trend which will help you complete your fashionable look. Small day bags are also advisable for day hangouts. Bags with buckles and bags in bold colors are some of the trends to follow this spring. This is definitely going to add stars to your overall personality and make you look chic.