Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks

Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks Stretch marks can heavily hamper one’s lifestyle. A change in the lifestyle can bring about a sea change in one’s personality. The thought of the presence of the stretch marks always remains at the back of the mind. It has the potential of making the person introvert and cuts her off from the society. Stretch marks are a great hindrance in someone’s beauty.

The person is restricted to wearing specific clothes to hide the marks. However, to treat this hindrance in the beauty, one can resort to laser treatment.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Laser Treatment

Causes of Stretch Marks

When dealing with stretch marks, the main question is finding out the causes. Fighting stretch marks can be easier if the exact causes are known. Weight gain and pregnancy are the two major causes for the stretch marks to appear.

As women gain weight during pregnancy, they are more likely to carry these marks. At times, the marks remain even after weight loss.

Stretch marks can develop in both men and women. Stretching the skin more than what it can handle is also likely to be a reason for developing stretch marks.

The Laser Treatment

The laser treatment is pretty faster as compared to the traditional treatment for stretch marks. Depending on how intense the marks are, the doctor can decide how many surgeries will be needed.

However, after about three treatments, the results can be noticed significantly. With laser treatment, one might experience redness on the affected parts and the skin becomes soft and tender.

Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks


Some people may experience side effects after laser treatment. This causes blistering to occur on the skin. Though the laser treatment can bring down the healing time as compared to the traditional treatment, there can be cases when the treatment runs into several weeks.

More about Laser Treatment

The success of laser treatment depends on how old the marks have become. Newly appeared stretch marks can be cured more easily before they turn into white lines and look rough.

If the stretch marks have become thick lines that can be felt when you run your fingers on them, it is better to see a certified surgeon in laser treatment.

The surgeon can effectively evaluate the marks regarding their age and size. The physician will then be able to offer more appropriate treatment.

Choosing the Best Possible Option

The laser treatment offered to the patients depends on where he/she will be receiving the treatment. However, the physician might allow you to choose from the available options. The options that are considered are the duration of the treatment, the expected results and, of course, the cost.

Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy

In this type of treatment, the lasers are sent out in smaller bursts at lower wavelengths, which is generally from 585 to 595 nanometers. The lasers then escalate the growth elastin and collagen. These two elements give the skin its tone as well as the structure. The best part is that it never damages the skin.

Fraxel Laser Therapy

The Fraxel laser treatment is milder than the Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy. The reason is that in the Fraxel treatment, the laser works only as a sharp point and works only on the affected parts of the skin. It helps in growing elastin and collagen, which results in the stretch marks becoming less vivid.

Excimer Laser Therapy

The Excimer laser therapy is different from the two aforesaid methods. The Excimer lasers do not stimulate the development of either the elastin or the collagen.

Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks

On the contrary, the Excimer lasers help in growing the melanin in the skin. They merely change the color of the stretch marks to match with the color of the nearby skin. This therapy is generally used for those marks that are too old and beyond repair.

Cost of Laser Treatment

The cost of the laser treatment can indeed be high and so not everyone can afford it. There is no fixed rate or expenditure for treating stretch marks.

However, on an average, the treatment can cost anywhere between $350 and $3,000. But, the cost can vary according to the process involved and the type of treatment you are going for.

The more detailed and minute the procedure, the costlier it gets. If the treatment runs longer, the monetary input will also increase. At times, a patient may require as many as 10 surgeries, which means an increase in the cost.

How Effective will the Treatment be?

The effectiveness of the laser treatment is a subjective term. There are many factors that contribute to the success of laser treatment.

The age of the patient, the size and the density of the stretch marks, the amount of skin area occupied by the marks and the health of the skin are some of the major factors that determine the success of the treatment.

Due to the expensive nature of the laser treatment, some people cannot afford it. That is why they prefer the traditional way of treating stretch marks where creams and gels are used. However, going for laser treatment is a matter of personal choice.