Knowing About The First Menstrual Cycle After Pregnancy

Menstrual Cycle After Pregnancy Every human being needs to go through the phase of puberty and for women it is when they start their menstrual cycle. This is the start of the change in hormones that bring different kinds of changes in the human body. Another vitally important stage in a woman’s life is the pregnancy stage. There are many changes that come along this phase and one of them is the menstrual cycle.

It is evident and proven that there are changes likely to take place in the menstrual cycle after pregnancy. Most women who go through the pregnancy phase for the first time, they are apprehensive and worried about the changes that take place in their menstrual cycle. Of course, one can seek information and gather knowledge about this aspect, the changes are by all means natural and one needn’t have to worry about it.

First Menstrual Cycle After Pregnancy 

Know About The Changes

For someone who is sailing on this boat for the first time, it is evident that they wouldn’t find aspects associated with weight, hormones and menstrual cycle the same as before. In most cases, changes do come in and there is nothing to feel worried about because these changes are part of the procedure.

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The one thing that you must know is that there are different factors that lead to such changes and it affects different people in different ways.

No Particular Time For the First Period

Given that women are used to having their periods scheduled every month on specific dates before their pregnancy, the menstrual cycle post pregnancy changes in a way that the entire schedule changes. Yes, you can expect the first period to come anytime between the first to the third month post the baby’s birth.

Do not find anything odd if there is a delay because any time before the third month is perfectly normal. Remember, there is no specific time frame for the first period post pregnancy.


Some women complain of heavy bleeding in their first menstrual cycle after pregnancy. Truly it may get difficult for some people to manage but, many doctors advice the patients to cope with it because having a good period cycle is essential post the baby.

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It is an indication suggesting that the body is resuming to its original cycle, based on how it used to be before ovulation. Once the cycle is back to gaining its original balance, you will have your periods regularly from there on.

Irregular Is Not Bad

In the case of pregnant women, they must understand the facts related to their body before, while and after pregnancy. When they give birth to a child, their body is not used to being the way it used to be before the ovulation. Certainly the menstrual cycle after pregnancy can take a while to adjust. Some women have periods twice in a month, sometimes less or more in the span of a year, well, all this is the adjustment phase and it should be given sufficient time to get its base back.

Consult A Doctor

If someone is aware of how things change in the first menstrual cycle after pregnancy, it is always better to seek expert advice.

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At times, letting the bleeding go on for a long time thinking it is just the first period is not right. At times, which is quite rare, it could be a sign of infection and it is always better to consult a doctor.