Important Home Remedies For Delayed Menstruation

delayed menstruation Irregular periods or delayed menstruation is the common problem amongst women, which is biologically termed as Amenorrhea. The irregular periods lead to hormonal imbalances in the women’s body that can be the root cause for dangerous diseases.

In many females, delayed menstruation remains a chronic problem. A woman may experience heaviness in the lower abdomen and feels a twinge in the breast due to delay in periods. Women also feel lethargic and undergo nausea, before the initiation of delayed menses.

There exist a number of reasons for delayed menstruation, but these do differ in every woman as the duration of menstruation cycles is not exactly the same in every woman. There exist several home remedies to cope up with constant problems of women. These may help women to establish regularity in their menstruation cycle.

Various Natural Tips For Delayed Menstruation


Regularity in menses can be achieved by drinking grape juices on daily basis. Grapes help in better blood circulation and prevent blood clots.


Eating raw grapes is also beneficial, but avoid over eating them as that may also lead to problems like loose motions.

Sugarcane Juice

Start drinking sugarcane juice regularly, one to two weeks before the menstruation cycle. It helps in attaining the periods early. This is very commonly used method to overcome delayed menstruation.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are very effective solution for menstrual irregularities. Eat fennels seeds with a glass of water, at least two times a day. Fennel seeds are known to be useful in stimulating menstruation and aids in maintaining a balanced hormonal system during menstruation, to relieve one from menstruation pain and cramps.


An effective herb of parsley prevents menstruation disorders and help to attain regular periods, if consumed in form of parsley juice every day.

How To Delay Menstruation With Home Remedies

Parsley enhances the gentle uterine contractions and inturn induces period in women with delayed menstruation caused due to hormonal disorders or stress.

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Radish Seeds

Use radish seeds and make paste of those with a little water. Mix the grinded paste with buttermilk and drink it regularly, once a day to have regular periods and overcome the delayed menstruation worries.

Decoction Of Herbal Roots And Seeds

Prepare decoction of bitter gourd roots and intake it once or twice a day. Bitter gourd roots are known to assist in commencing the periods. A decoction of cilantro (coriander) seeds or leaves is equally helpful in initiating periods, if consumed three times a day. Fig roots decoction is also known to normalize menstruation irregularities, when consumed for a few weeks.


The most frequently used method to normalize the irregular cycles is by consuming papaya, in either unripe or raw form.

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The unripe papaya aids in contractions of uterine muscle fibres, securing a periodic menstrual flow. It is majorily helpful in unmarried girls, where menstruation ceases due to fright or stress.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice or pulp is useful in overcoming delays in the menstrual periods. Consuming aloe vera on regular basis serves beneficial in attaining the regular menses flow. Making use of above home remedies will help one in regularizing the menstruation cycles naturally.

For those, who may be allergic to any one of these natural products, must avoid using that product. Delayed menstruation is not good in the long run as entire hormonal balance gets affected that can serve dangerous, later in the life. Stick to natural cure for getting cured from delayed menstruation problem as it comes free from all sorts of side effects.