How To Wear Boots Fashionably

How To Wear Boots Fashionably Boots has always been an inseparable part of the fashion world.  A pair of right boots can change your entire look and even a simple outfit could turn into a super-cool and trendy one.  No matter how your fashion mantra is,  boots don’t disappoint anyone,  there are knee boots, ankle,  patent-leather boots, cow-boy boots etc.

Every woman can have boots according to her own style or body type.  Another advantage of boots is that it can be worn throughout the year. Now you must be thinking which boots are best for you. So don’t worry, we are here for you and giving you some special tips that how you can surprise people by look stunningly trendy and cool with a right pair of boots.

Fashion Trends for Boots

Cowboy Boots

As the name suggests these type of boots are for a little rough and tough type of look.  These types of boots are a part of mid-calf or knee-high boots.  In older time the word ‘boots’ used to suggest only this type boots.

Cowboy Boots

So now it became a classic. Cowboy boots are accepted always and will never go out of the fashion. These boots can go well with rugged-jeans obviously,  but also creates a contrast style with a flowing dress as well.

Patent-Leather Boots

Leather boots are considered hot and popular of all times.  High-length leather boots rocks with mini-skirts,  legging or tight fitted jeans. You can also try high leather boots with cocktail dress, or sweater dress but avoid leather skirt or pant.

Floral Printed Boots

These are the new-comers in the boot’s fashion world. These type of boots look less feminine, so to add a lilttle girlish touch you may wear it with a large-size cardigan or jeans mini skirt or scarf or a cute bubbly top and sports jeans.

Fur Boots

These boots are suitable for winter,  for it gives you warmth in the freezing winter.

Fur Boots

It looks good with fur coat and skinny jeans, but it look odd with skirt or other dresses.

Cotton Boots

Cotton boots are suitable for summer time,  also in countries like india where summer stays for long time. With these you can have comfort and fashion at the same time.  Apart from this, other advantages of these boots are that these are completely washable and reduces sweat.


Sports boots are one kind of ankle boots with a bit large size and you can fasten the strings upward.


 These boots also available in leather material and in different colours.  Sports boots go well with jeans,  sweaters or woolen garments.

Heel Boots

Heel boots are famous as women have soft corner for heels. If you want little sexy look ,  you may show off your sensuous legs with shorts and mini skirt. It also go well with sweaters, jackets, or retro blouse.

Some More Tips

• While leather or heels boots are formal cowboy boots are for casual style.
• While wearing boots try to keep your outfit simple,  your boots will highlight your fashion.
• How much stylist you may look but never compromise with comfort,  give your first preference to comfort.