How To Use Coffee To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Despite of having a goodnight sleep there are many women who wake up with puffiness under their eyes. This unpleasant skin issue is far more common than you think. Also referred to as puffy eyes, this is the kind of issue that can make your entire face look tired and dull. Even with the help of cosmetics it can be a bit troublesome to properly conceal the puffiness. It is better to try something that would either reduce it or get rid of it from underneath your eyes. When it comes to tackling with this specific skin woe, coffee grounds are hailed all over the world for their effectiveness. Possessing a great deal of skin-enriching features, coffee is a truly loved ingredient that can help you take care of this beauty problem. Furthermore, coffee can be used in numerous ways for this specific issue. However, there are a few that are specifically potent. In today’s post, we have put together a list of wonderful and easy ways in which you can use this in-demand ingredient to get rid of puffy eyes. Test them on a patch of skin and also maintain high caution while applying.

1. With Coconut Water

Maximize the potency of coffee grounds by uniting it with coconut water. Take 1 teaspoon of coffee grounds and submerge it with 1 tablespoon of fresh coconut water. Clean the area under your eyes and slather the mixture all over it. After application, it is best to keep your eyes closed and let the mix settle. Soak a washcloth in tepid water and use it to wipe away the mix after 15-20 minutes. Remove the puffiness by applying this at-home mixture in the morning after waking up.

With Coconut Water

2. With Potato Juice

For enhancing the impact of coffee in reducing puffiness, you can also use it with potato juice. Take a bowl, add a teaspoon of coffee and 2 teaspoons of potato juice in it. Mix them around before carefully putting the material on the puffy skin under both your eyes. This under-eye concoction should be permitted to settle in your skin for good 10-12 minutes prior to getting washed with tepid water.

 Potato Juice

3. With Lavender Oil

When it comes to dealing with the puffiness under eye problem, lavender oil is also cited to be a remarkable. Though it can be united with any other ingredient, with coffee it tends to work wonders in the most effective manner. You will be needing a mixing bowl to transfer 1/2 teaspoon of coffee and 3-4 drops of lavender oil. Stir them around for a while before cautiously slathering it underneath your eyes.

With Lavender Oil

4. With Granulated Sugar

Like the aforementioned elements, granulated sugar, too can come in handy for combating the puffiness under the eyes. All you will be required to do is combine at least half a teaspoon of each, coffee grounds and granulated sugar with a teaspoon of rose water. After smearing it carefully on the affected area, you should allow it to dry for the next 10 minutes prior to wiping off with a clean cloth.

 Granulated Sugar

5. With Egg White

Alternatively, you can use coffee in combination with the excellent egg white that has been a beloved skin care ingredient since the beginning of time. Together these two components can work like a charm and help the skin under your eyes battle puffiness and look fresh. Put an egg white in a bowl and add a teaspoon of coffee grounds to it. Just mix them up prior to carefully smearing on the puffy areas under your eyes. The next 10 minutes, you should sit still and permit this blend to work. Wipe off with a piece of cloth soaked in tepid water.

With Egg White

6. With Cucumber Seeds

The seeds of a cucumber is also known to contain skin-improving features that when used in unity with coffee grounds can help freshen up the area underneath the eyes and remove puffiness for good. Extract the seeds from a ripe cucumber and put them all in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of coffee to it and use your fingers to mix them up together. Take a generous amount of this at-home blend and tenderly rub on the puffy areas. Do it for a few minutes before using water to cleanse it off.

Cucumber Seeds

7. With Shea Butter

Shea butter’s extensive usage for battling skin problems makes it another nourishing element that can be used with coffee for solving this particular skin issue. Simply, put two teaspoons of shea butter in a bowl and add coffee grounds to it. Go ahead and stir them up to get a lump-free material. Cautiously rub it onto the areas under your eyes and let the blend stay there for good 10 minutes before using a cotton ball soaked in lukewarm water to wipe it away.

Shea Butter

8. With Strawberry Juice

Just like other skin-benefiting components, juice extracted from a ripe strawberry can too have positive impact on the state of the puffy skin underneath the eyes. Crush and mash a ripe strawberry and pour the resulting juice into a bowl before adding half a teaspoon of coffee grounds to it. Get the blend prepared by thoroughly mixing them. Then put this homemade mix onto the troubling area. Later on, take a washcloth soaked in warm water to clear away the residue.

Strawberry Juice

9. With Chamomile Tea

A herbal tea that is loved for its skin-nourishing features is chamomile tea. And mixing it with coffee grounds is an age-old way of minimizing the puffiness under eyes. In the morning, brew a cup of this tea and set it under the fan to cool off. Take a tablespoon of the cooled off tea and put it in a bowl along with a teaspoon of coffee grounds. Form a smooth blend and put it all over the affected area. Wash away with cold water. Use this combo to get freshen up the skin under your eyes after waking up.

Chamomile Tea

10. With Rice Water

Rice water is a versatile component that is often used for dealing with a myriad of skin woes such as puffy eyes. Maximize the effectiveness of both rice water and coffee by merging them together. Simply create an under-eye concoction by blending a teaspoon of coffee with two teaspoons of fresh rice water and slather the resulting mix on the troubled areas. After 10-12 minutes, just cleanse away the material.

11. With Almond Oil

An age-old way of utilizing coffee’s goodness for tackling the problem of puffy eyes requires you to use it in combination with almond oil. These 2 components can effectively revitalize the skin in that area and remove puffiness for good. Go ahead and blend half a teaspoon of each, coffee and almond oil to get this potent material ready. Tenderly put the mix on the problematic area and let it stay there for 12-15 minutes before clearing it away.

With Almond Oil

12. With Mint Juice

Finally, one more valuable way of using this super effective element for banishing puffy eyes is by uniting it with the juice of mint leaves. Mint leaves are traditional remedies for all kinds of beauty woes. Just combine half a teaspoon of each, mint juice and coffee with a teaspoon of rose water. Cover the problematic areas with this material and after 10 minutes use room temperature water to clear it away.

Mint Juice